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Mesocolumn – Community and Ecommerce Theme for WordPress

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Mesocolumn is a blog, magazine, community and ecommerce theme for WordPress. You can choose a blog style layout or featured category magazine grid layout for homepage. The Theme is built with semantic HTML5 and CSS3 for modern browser. With the responsive layout, it will look good in any mobile device such as android phone, iphone or ipad. On top of that, the theme also support popular community WordPress plugin, BuddyPress and popular ecommerce WordPress plugin, WooCommerce. Need to setup forums? No worry, the theme also support WordPress Forums plugin, BBPress.

mesocolumn wordpress theme

Excellent Theme for Multisite

With the built-in theme options to control logo, favorite icon, colors, headers, background and many more features, it is a best compatible and suited theme for anyone running a WordPress Multisite. You can let your network users choose their own colors, fonts, headers and backgrounds according to their choice to customize their site.

With over 600+ Google web fonts to choose from and unlimited color schemes to play with. User can brand their own site with the logo and favorite icon uploads in theme options.

Want to built a Community?

With the built in support for BuddyPress, you can setup instant community website using the theme, no tweak or customize to template needed.

Want to sell your own products?

The theme also support WooCommerce and JigoShop WordPress Ecommerce Plugin. With a customize grid based product layout with distinct short description, get those orders running in no time!

Using Adsense and Advertisement Banner

If you need to monetize your site, the theme comes with built-in advertisement placement options such as 728×90 or 468×60 leader-board banner in top header, medium and large rectangle banner in right sidebar, single post top and bottom. No need to install any social plugin because the theme also comes with built-in social sharing tools AddThis.

Each Category with own colors

The theme had built in category color options which you can setup each category own unique colors. Let each of your category had it own distinct colors.

v1.6+, color options is in wp-admin->posts->categories->your category->edit category->select color. same goes for tag etc. for page, when create or edit page, there’s a add color metabox in right top side.

Built for Mobile and Desktop

With a responsive mobile friendly design its compatible with devices like Desktop, Tablet, small phone, i-Pad, iPhone, and Android Phones too. Try resizing your browsers to see different layout option.

Here’s full list Features

BuddyPress, BBPress, Jigoshop and WooCommerce Ready
– Page Templates for blog with excerpt, blog with full content, full width, sitemap and links
– Logo and Favourite icon uploads in theme options
– 600+ Google Web Fonts with Font Previews to choose from
– Built in social sharing addthis button
Color Options for each Category
– Unlimited Color Choices for navigation, sidebar, footer and links
– Featured Category Grid or Blog Layout in homepage
– Unlimited Sidebar Featured Category Widgets
– 6 Banner Advertisement placement in sidebar
– Google or any embed advertisement code in header, sidebar, post loop and single post top and bottom
– WordPress Built-in Custom Header, Background and Menu Supported
Schema markup support *can be turn off or on
– Bulit-in multi-instance widgets for Social Counter, Twitter feed, Flickr Feed, Featured category, Most Commented and Recent Comments with Avatar
– Localization Ready ( mo and po file inside language folder )

Schema markup, addthis social sharing, social counter, twitter and flickr feed widgets are now under Social Jet WordPress Plugin

Don’t believe me?, check out the live demo in top right.

Mesocolumn How to (FAQ)

1. Using script code without shortcoder
For security reason, script type code is disable in theme options. to enable it read faq.txt
2. How to add Left Sidebar?
Download this zip and upload to wp-content/, if you already had meso-custom-functions.php in wp-content/, just copy paste the code into it.
Mesocolumn - Community and Ecommerce Theme for WordPresshttp://cdn.dezzain.com/1/2013/06/mesocolumn-wp-theme.jpghttp://cdn.dezzain.com/1/2013/06/mesocolumn-wp-theme-300x300.jpgRichie KS WordPress ThemesBBPress,buddypress,Editor Picks,WooCommerce,Wordpress
Mesocolumn is a community and ecommerce theme for WordPress. This WP Theme support BuddyPress, BBPress, WooCommerce and SEO Schema markup ready
Ziphttp://cdn.dezzain.com/1/2013/06/mesocolumn-wp-theme-300x300.jpgDownload Version This Theme1.6.5.170,287WordPress 3.8.1

- update to same version on wordpress reposity trac

Version 1.6.5

- tested with WordPress 4.4.1
- tested with PHP7 and reconstruct custom functions
- customizer now fully supported
- updated Google web fonts listing
- remove theme options. now using customizer api setting
- remove category color options. now on posts->category or taxonomy->edit category color
- remove page color options. now on edit page->page color option
- remove get_theme_option(), using faster setting query with get_theme_mod()
- remove 'sidebar banner setting' in new customizer setting
- remove dropdown mobile menu and added new mobile custom menu
- fixed image alt did not follow image alt text options in media setting
- fixed post author link with space in url
- fixed homepage featured category messed up if slider did not show up
- fixed top header advertisement shortcode issue
- new option for text count in homepage featured category
- new option to enable and disable first image grab for featured thumbnails
- new option separating article and breadcrumb schema options
- new custom post type multi widget
- new faq.txt


- fixed woocommerce function error after updated to woocommerce v2.3.2

Version 1.6.4

- replace TEMPLATE_DOMAIN language string to theme slug 'mesocolumn' for theme submit guideline
- separate responsive css with style css
- fixed margin error for left and right in larger browser size
- add ins background transparent style to remove yellow background
- featured slider with post ID now support all custom post type
- cache categoy color for query optimization
- updated superfish js and css to latest version
- added font weight for font options
- added thumbnail, medium or large featured image option for blog and archive list
- added default blog or magazine style for blog post
- added image size option for featured category homepage
- added options to enable or disable built-in schema.org markup
- added options to enable or disable responsiveness

Version 1.6.3

- added microformat for Google snippet test passed
- fixed ads right widget shortcodes issue

Version 1.6.2

- Tested compatible with WordPress 3.8 and latest BBPress, BuddyPress, Woocommerce and Jigoshop
- added thumbnail and medium choice for featured category widgets
- added rtl style support
- added featured slider height options
- fixed buddypress random group function error bug
- fixed theme options->general reset bug
- fixed comment_template inside child theme issue
- validate HTML5
- update fontawesome to latest version and remove from theme. use netdna cdn source instead
- fix spelling error for advertisment.php file
- Right advertisement block and sidebar tab are now sortable via widget
- remove custom-functions.php in theme and moved to wp-content. read faq.txt

Version 1.6.1

- added tabbed for theme options
- optimize database save options into array with register_setting() for lesser db query *need to re-save all options
- replace h1 with h2 in archive/index page for seo purpose.
- logo and fav icon upload disable, now use full path url save instead.
- Remove/disable script insertion in theme options for security reason. Read FAQ #11 how to use script with shortcodes
- skip version 1.5.8 - 1.6 for theme review revision

Version 1.5.7

- Tested compatible with WordPress 3.7 and latest BBPress, BuddyPress, Woocommerce and Jigoshop
- Fixed language string not working in theme options
- Edit featured category option using category id to fix none-english and latin greek character slug bug
*you may need to resave the featured category in theme options
- Fixed missing BBpress login widget in Firefox
- Added support for jigoshop ecommerce plugin
- new option: disable or enable shop custom grid style
- Added 4 more Homepage Featured Category to total of 10
- Added category color support for woocommerce or jigoshop category
- removed front-page.php
- moved custom.css to wp-admin->appereance->custom css

Version 1.5.6

- remove remaining schema.org markup for header,sidebar and footer
- fixed homepage featured category with '&' in category name
*you may need to resave the featured category in theme options
- re-edit theme footer credits

Version 1.5.5

- moved custom.css to theme root for easier editor edits
- redefine functions prefix
- new option: control excerpt word count
- new option: editable read more text
- new option: hide and show comment close notice
- new option: related post count
- new option: enable or disable archives header

Version 1.5.4

- removed none gpl subtle background image *did not have any use in theme btw
- change theme footer credits link
- home featured category count now controlable via theme options

Version 1.5.3

- skipped version *ignore

Version 1.5.2

- removed addons folder and schema.php *both are now plugin dependable
- added 2 more featured category for homepage
- change featured image alt for better seo purpose

Version 1.5.1

- tested compatible with latest BuddyPress 1.8.1
- add compatibility with WordPress MU Sitewide Tag Imported Featured Images
- replace get_the_title with the_title_attribute in title html for images and links

Version 1.5

- starting from v1.5, addons folder will be in separate download to meet the requirement of theme submission in wordpress.org theme reposity.
- a simple download and drop the addons folder into theme will activate all the extra features

Version 1.4.4

- fixed missing google analystic in theme options
- fixed minor navigation css error

Version 1.4.3

- tested with WordPress 3.6+ and 3.7 bleed
- templating changes *clean install required - you need to delete previous theme and replace with the version (do not copy paste into current theme version)
- all extra component and features are now under addons folder *to pass theme guideline submission
- added addthis publisher id options
- update google web font list to latest

Version 1.4

- tested compatible with latest WordPress 3.5.2 and BuddyPress 1.8
- moved wp_enqueue_script() call to footer
- added option to enable WordPress breadcrumbs
- update twitter api functions
- added option to disable built-in Facebook Open Graph
- added 'page color options' similiar to 'category color options'
- fixed ie8 featured grid error
- update fancybox to latest version

Version 1.3

- update twitter widget and social counter with twitter api v1.1
- add global twitter dev api key and token setting in theme options
- remove lightbox rel in comment text

Version 1.2

- use category id string to store category color options
- fixed reset in category color options

Version 1.1

- follow Theme Unit Test Guideline
- fix buddypress sidebar
- theme check passed
- add child theme support

Version 1.0

- new release


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