Why DevOps Engineer May Be The Perfect Career Path for You

why devops engineer your perfect career path

Are you a fast learner? Are you fairly good at coding and also good in communication? Do you like working on the edge? If you’re considering that a hardcore coding profile is not for you and you’d rather do a little bit of everything – managing, communicating, developing, assessing etc then we’ve got just the right career path for you! You could be a DevOps Engineer. All you have to do is take a DevOps Foundation course! Prerequisites for this course…Continue Reading→

Get Ahead Of The Competition With These 3 SEO Tactics

3 seo tactics to beat competition

SEO includes everything that helps to boost your rankings on search engines. In an era where many businesses are competing for dominance, ranking in the search engines is becoming harder to achieve. This is why intentional ranking strategies are needed to get ahead of the competition in today’s market. A solid SEO strategy should be a part of digital marketing campaigns for all businesses that want to leverage search engine traffic. Many businesses follow digital marketing trends that include social…Continue Reading→

The Importance of EHS and EHS software as its Digital Support

importance of ehs software as digital support

Environment, Health, and Safety, or popularly referred to as EHS is an ambiguous term referring to EHS regulations and rules mandated by a state, as well as the efforts and programs companies carry out in a workplace to protect and uphold the wellbeing, safety, and health not only of their employees and customers but also of the public within the same environment. A part of its fundamental goals is ensuring that a workplace is free from hazards and risks. "The…Continue Reading→

Why Laravel Development is the Preferred PHP Framework for Web Developer?

the benefits of using laravel development

Laravel development has severally emerged as the best free, open-source web development framework. With more than 35000 Laravel Developers worldwide, most of whom are based in the US, it is no wonder Laravel is a trusted PHP. It uses the Model View Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Anyone seeking to develop a custom software will find that Laravel makes the development process much faster and easier. Laravel development is also popular because it provides solutions to common problems that developers encounter…Continue Reading→

Getting your Corporate Videos on the Money: Four Key Pointers

four key pointers before commission corporate video production

You’ve probably noticed a new trend emerge over the last five years or so. The movers and shakers of the corporate world are pushing out corporate videos at what seems like an astonishing rate. Getting in on the act are retail behemoths Walmart, file hosting giants Dropbox, and of course mega-giants Google. Along with many thousands of others. It’s fair to say the world of corporate video production is truly booming. And this has brought a number of big advantages…Continue Reading→

Regional Qualifiers for the International 2019

regional qualifiers for the international 2019

August will be the time when The International 2019 will unfold, uniting Dota 2 players, lovers and bettors through the famous game. It is the 9th annual edition for this tournament, and it will mark the conclusion of the Dota Pro Circuit. After 12 teams have already qualified, it’s time to decide the other teams, respectively regional qualifiers. The invites have been released, and there are a number of teams that have been directly invited, whereas all the remaining slots…Continue Reading→

Taking Your Business Worldwide!

business globalization tips guides

Having a growth strategy is one of the most important steps you can take for your business. If you don’t have your eyes on the next milestone, you risk being overtaken by younger, hungrier brands who’ll dominate the market and leave you without enough revenue to keep the doors open. Today we’re looking at one vector for growth – doing business internationally. The Advantages of a Global Market One of the big advantages of selling your products around the world…Continue Reading→

EdTech Crucial Learning Curve for Students Going into Digital Era

digital era students must learn edutech

Despite historically being a traditional industry to its core, education (along with the rest of the modern world) has since been subject to a digital takeover, with EdTech (education technology) at its heart, driving it forward. This iteration is no doubt at least partially thanks to the shifting pivot towards technological absolution that the entire world has been moving in the direction of. Education is an industry that desperately needed to embrace modernisation, and EdTech is the solution to that…Continue Reading→

Must Have Apps And Websites For Students In 2019

must have apps and websites for students 2019

Although obtaining education has always been considered a tedious, stressful, and challenging process, today, many people admit that modern students have it easy. It is hard to argue with this statement because the 21st century has really changed the game! It has given students enough tools for smart and effortless studying. Now, all the information is right at your fingertips, which has significantly broadened the horizons and given the modern students better perspectives. However, for greater academic success, it is…Continue Reading→

How SEO Makes E-Commerce Succeed

how seo makes ecommerce succeed

It doesn't matter whether your e-commerce venture is just starting out or already has a significant following, SEO is necessary for maximising your site's visibility and improving profitability. It is one of the most effective online marketing tools that should be implemented both at the beginning of your e-commerce venture and during any new campaigns, re-designs and sales. Here's how SEO can help your e-commerce site succeed. 1. Finding Customers Simply put, SEO is vital for finding customers. Some 89%…Continue Reading→