Breitling Watches Collection: Youthfulness, Bold Looks, and Beautiful Design with Promising High-Class Quality

breitling watches collection youthfulness, bold looks, and beautiful design with promising high class quality

When it comes to chronometric precision, many people choose Breitling watches. Breitling, founded in 1884, is one of the few independent firms that has achieved the highest success in the Swiss watch business. Breitling has earned a reputation as one of the most dependable watches both on and off the sea.

In 1934, Breitling created a substantial alteration that brought an invention to the field of current Chronograph; he included a second pusher that allowed the stopwatch to be reset to zero. Among the collections, the Breitling Navitimer is regarded as one of the most known Breitling chronograph watches in aviation.

We’ve subdivided the enormous variety of timepieces in our top premium Breitling Watches Collection for any adventurous and traveling type occasions to help you select your next timepiece purchase as we explore the luxury wristwatches you must choose.

Breitling Superocean

This Breitling Superocean diving watch is designed for professional divers and fits all of their needs. This Breitling diving watch, introduced in 2007, pays tribute to the legendary Superocean Héritage, which was constructed in the 1950s.

It is one of the Breitling Watches dive family’s stars, consisting of one-of-a-kind and practical watches. Breitling Superocean 42, Breitling Superocean 44, Breitling Superocean Chronograph M2000, Breitling Superocean Chronograph II, and Breitling Superocean Chronograph Steelfish are the most recent additions to this family line.

Breitling Navitimer

It is one of the most famous Breitling chronograph watches in aviation. This Breitling model, first introduced in 1952, has proven to be ageless. The model’s name, Breitling Navitimer, emphasizes the exceptional combination of navigation and timer. Its function is straightforward; all you have to do is change the slide rule and read the result from the scale.

Timing is simple with its skilled Chronograph, as is calculating speed, distance, and fuel consumption. As a result, it is the most helpful aircraft watch for watch collectors, pilots, and aviation lovers. The original Navitimer watch was designed with a black watch face, a chronograph display, and a pearl bezel for easy grip and handling.

The ref. 806 was assigned to the first model of this Navitimer. A unique model of the Breitling Navitimer was introduced in 1962 to accompany astronaut Scott Carpenter into space. It included the Cosmonaute with a 24-hour display. The Navitimer has evolved throughout time, and the most recent collection is known as the Navitimer 8.

Breitling Bentley

This collection combines the finest of two luxury brands. Although the Swiss watchmaker and the British car manufacturer are independent, the two companies have committed to building timepieces with efficiency, boldness, and precision.

Breitling and Bentley began working together in 2002, and their continued success is the consequence of their unrivaled teamwork. It is a Swiss-made watch line that combines design and utility. They provide athletic models like the Bentley Motors and the Bentley Barnato and exquisite timepieces like the Flying B and the Mark VI.

Breitling Chronomat

This is regarded as one of Breitling’s masterpieces. The first Breitling watch was released in the 1980s. However, by 1982, when Ernest Schneider took over Breitling’s business, the watch had undergone several modifications. Nevertheless, the watch is well-known for its practical design and exceptional precision, and it is considered one of the world’s classic aviation timepieces.

Breitling Avenger

The Breitling Avenger is a professional watch with a large construction that meets extreme durability and shock resistance standards. It is a part of the Breitling Aeromarine watch line, including the Breitling Superocean and the Breitling Colt. The latest addition to the Breitling Avenger line was introduced at Baselworld 2013 with the Avenger II.

They are two chronographs: the Breitling Avenger II A1338111 and the Breitling Super Avenger II A1337111. These timepieces are noted for being waterproof to 300 meters and having a battery reserve of 40 to 55 hours.

Breitling Transocean

They not only have attractive aspects that are athletic, beautiful, and utterly ageless, but they also have fantastic utility and toughness. It was initially released in 1958 and was designed to follow its iconic aircraft chronograph Navitimer.

Breitling Transocean captures the essence of the era since the 1950s were renowned as the golden period of transcontinental travel. These Breitling Transocean watches are constructed of solid sapphire, assembled in a domed shape, and water-resistant to 100 meters.


The concept behind the watches listed above is youthful vigor, bold appearance, and gorgeous design while ensuring high-class craftsmanship. Breitling watches are offered in various products, allowing any luxury watch collector to choose their unique favorite easily. So go ahead and choose yours now!

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