Does Instagram really look better on iPhone? Here’s everything you need to know

Does Instagram really look better on iPhone_ Here’s everything you need to know

If you’re an Android smartphone user on Instagram, then you might not realize that Instagram works so much better on an iPhone. It would explain why most Instagram influencers use iPhones rather than Android smartphones. Both the video and picture quality come out better when the content is uploaded from an iPhone.

People continue to use Android smartphones because they’re priced more inexpensively. But if you’re serious about becoming an influencer or gaining more attention on Instagram, you’ll need to consider upgrading to an iPhone. Think of it as an investment in your business or brand.

Below are the top four reasons why Instagram looks better on an iPhone.

1) Instagram was Made for iPhones Originally

Instagram was founded on October 6th, 2010. At that time, the Instagram app was not available for Android users. You could only download and use the app on iPhones because it was made for iOS.

When the Android version of the Instagram app was released two years later, it was missing many of the features found on the iOS version. In fact, the iOS app received more updates than the Android version. It is not so simple for Instagram developers to release equal quality apps on both mobile operating systems.

For this reason, the media content quality on the iPhone always looks better because the iOS app has better media optimization filters and features. Since the Android operating system is put on so many different smartphone models, such as Samsung and Motorola, it is difficult for the Instagram developers to create separate versions to accommodate each Android phone model and its cameras.

The great thing about iOS is that it can only be found on the iPhone. No other smartphone model has iOS on it. That makes it easier for the developers to create the Instagram app for iOS because they only need to cater to one smartphone model series (e.g., iPhone 7, 8, etc.)

2) Paid Followers Stay Loyal

Before you Buy real, automatic Instagram likes, you need to produce content that will make them stay loyal to your channel. If you keep uploading low-quality videos and photos, your paid followers might not stick around for very long. That is why people who upload content with iPhones have a much better chance of retaining their paid followers.

Make sure you choose the right vendor, though. Stay away from vendors that sell fake Instagram likes and followers because they can damage your channel’s reputation. Choose a reputable vendor, such as, because they sell real Instagram followers and likes. You’ll know they’re real because you should start to see comments on your posts come quickly.

3) Google Android and Phone Manufacturers at Odds

Apple is the company that created the iPhone and its mobile operating system, iOS. Since Apple created both the smartphone and its operating system, it is easier for app developers to create highly functional apps for the iPhone. They only need to concern themselves with the iPhone and iOS.

Google is the company that created the Android mobile operating system. However, it is not the only company that creates smartphones for its operating system. Third-party companies also create different smartphone models that use the same Android operating system. While that might allow Android smartphone prices to be cheaper, it does open up the possibility of increased bugs and glitches in Android apps.

There are hundreds of different Android smartphone models, with 2.5 billion Android devices being used throughout the world. It would be nearly impossible for Instagram developers to create hundreds of different app versions to accommodate all these smartphones. That is why Instagram media content never looks great on Android smartphones.

4) Poor Camera Quality on Android Smartphones

Every Android smartphone has a different camera setup. It is just one more complication that Instagram developers face. The only solution is to create an Instagram app that allows these different cameras to perform at the bare minimum. The result is photos and videos which are not of high-definition quality.

If you did a side-by-side comparison of a photo taken from an Android smartphone camera and a photo taken from an iPhone camera, you would see the difference quite clearly. The iPhone camera will capture higher resolution photos with fewer pixels and blurriness.

Of course, it helps to have an iPhone model that was made within the last five years. Smartphone and camera technologies are constantly improving in the iPhone series. If your iPhone is too old and outdated, it won’t produce the kind of content quality that current Instagram viewers expect. So, please keep that in mind.

Solutions for Android Users

It would be easy to recommend for you to purchase an iPhone. But if it is not within your budget, then you’ll have to do the best you can with your Android smartphone. There are some tricks and techniques you can use to improve the quality of your media content for Instagram.

For example, you can use the standard Android camera app to take pictures and videos on your smartphone. Instagram does not force you to use their app to take pictures and videos. Once you create the content, you can open the Instagram app and upload the media files to your channel. That way, you bypass the compatibility issues between the Android smartphone camera and the Instagram app.

Keep in mind, however, that you won’t be able to use the Instagram app filters to modify the appearance of your photos. Some of the notable app filters, such as AR and Boomerang, won’t be available. On the other hand, if you have other photo and video editing tools, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere, you could add enhancements to your content with these programs instead.

Some people might not want to go through all this effort. It is certainly more convenient to use the Instagram app on an iPhone because you can capture and edit your content all from one device. Android requires you to use third-party tools to add unique filters and improvements to your content. Unless you produce Instagram content every once in a while, you probably won’t want to do that each time you post on Instagram.


To answer the question, yes, the Instagram interface and its content does look better on the iPhone. The Instagram developers have an easier time programming their app to be friendly with the iPhone because there are fewer models and no third-party tools to worry about.

You don’t necessarily need to purchase the most recent iPhone. Since new iPhones get released every year, you should purchase one that is a few years old so that you can get a cheaper price. Just don’t purchase an iPhone that is older than five years. The technology will be a bit outdated by that point.

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