So Your SEO is Superb – What’s Next?

Ever wonder why sometimes, even though you put all of your efforts into brilliant SEO and results show, you just can’t close those end-point sales? You’re not alone. In today’s online advertising reality, it’s not enough to get the potential customer’s initial attention and to make them click – you need more than that to succeed. Don’t get us wrong, though. Good SEO is crucial, and without it, you probably won’t get very far. What we’re saying is that today, it’s not enough, since you need something that will make you go an extra mile for a sale.

Good SEO is just not enough anymore.
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But what is that extra mile? Basically, it’s the difference between someone seeing your website on Google and clicking it, and someone seeing your website on Google, clicking it, and eventually pulling out their wallet in order to purchase something from you. This gets complex since we don’t really know how Google (and the other search engines, of course), play the game when they are the ones defining their own rules.

Let’s try and make it simpler then: What can get a person with some intention of buying your products or service to complete the process, if clicking on your link and seeing your landing page is not enough? Many have tried to answer that question and are still trying because, frankly, the answer keeps changing. New “groundbreaking” methods and trends to enhance online sales pop up and disappear quickly, leaving advertisers and businesses constantly puzzled.

Follow the leader

Meet the current buzz creator in the online advertising industry: lead generation. Yes, it’s making a huge comeback, and it seems like this time lead generation is here to stay. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, we’ll just let Johnathan Greenwood (spokesperson for Crystalead, a large player in the lead generation field) explain for you: “Basically what lead generators do is they campaign online with the intention of collecting contact information from people who viewed the ad, rather than convincing them to buy something on the spot. That way, a sale can be closed at a later phase via phone, for example.”

Why is it such a thing now? Nobody really knows, but there are two probable explanations. The first one has to do with the mistrust people are expressing toward content on the web. Remember the term ‘fake news’? Well, Trump may be out of office soon, but this mentality will stay with us for a while. If people show less trust in what they see on the internet, it would be wiser to try and push sales through another, more conservative medium such as direct phone calls.

The second explanation also has to do with the elections. It seems the tremendous turnout of voters on November 3rd was also a result of successful lead generation. Both candidates campaigned online, but instead of calling potential voters to go out and vote, they asked them to leave their contact information. Only then would a representative from the party approach them and persuade them not only to vote but also to volunteer, donate, host meetings, etc.

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What’s in it for you?

Lead generation can be the ideal finisher to a successful SEO start. Keep in mind that people who see your site on search engines are not necessarily looking to purchase your product – they might just be looking for information or price comparison. In that case, a race to close a deal based on one search intention is not clever, and that’s where lead generation can be more optimal. Have a form on your landing page that encourages users to leave contact details alongside or even instead of ways to purchase your product on the spot.

If you feel you don’t have the tools or skills to generate leads, fear not. Platforms like Crystalead mentioned here and others offer their services as a one-stop-shop. They also contact freelance marketers looking to make commission money for each lead they successfully generate. This may be the choice for you. Just keep in mind that once the desired lead is in your hands, you still need to close a deal via phone on the second step. For that, you also need a telemarketing whiz to do the job – and those are not always easy to find.

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