Where You Can Find WordPress and Website Developers

Web Developers can be a company or a single person who handle and expert in website projects that include WordPress development and Website development. There’s like thousand of of Web development company out there and sometime its hard to choose which better so naturally many start-up or potential clients will be looking at job portal online to find an expert web development company or individual.
There’s couple of problems that potential clients will face when looking for a web development company or individual.

  • Trustworthy
    can the web development handler be trusted and not dry off or running off with the client’s development budgets.
  • Skill-wise
    is the web development handler familiar with the skills needed to completed the website project?
  • Time keeper
    will the web development handler finished the website project according to the client earlier set time scheduled?
  • Communcation
    is the web development handler fluent in client’s native language? can the web development handler communicate online with client?

These are essential key when potential clients searched for web development company since they will likely re-hired the web development company or individual for future projects.

For new start-up and clients who looking for a good and trustworthy web developers, here’s couple of job portal online you can start with.

1. Elance

freelancers hire web development
About Elance.com – One of the leading job and freelance portal in the industry. The registration is free but new developer needed to take a test before any work request can be continue.

2. Freelancer.com

About Freelancer.com – Fastest growing freelance job portal and world’s largest outsourcing marketplace, empowering entrepreneurs & small businesses worldwide. Freelance.com recently introduce design contests into their projects.

3. oDesk

About oDesk.com – oDesk prides itself for being the world’s largest and fastest-growing online workplace. The process of searching for a freelance job goes the same like on Elance: craft an impressive profile, spice up your portfolio, reach to clients and submit your work. However, what sets oDesk from its direct competitors is the wide variety of freelancers the platform comprises. Ranging from web developers to sales marketers, you can enjoy the standard freelance tools to run your business effortlessly and for free. With oDesk, it’s guaranteed that you will be paid for the job you do avoiding frustration and common rip-offs.

4. Freelanceswitch

About Freelanceswitch.com – Whether you are an illustrator, web designer or software developer you should check out some useful articles and FreelanceSwitch. This platform goes beyond content providing. The flux of job entries is not that high when compared to most of the online job boards out there. In general, this job board is more suitable for top-notch freelancers who have acquired a wide experience in their fields. For applying for a job you need to subscribe to their membership plan which is $7 per month.

5. Smashing Jobs

About Smashing Jobs – If you are serious into becoming a successful freelancer, then you shouldn’t miss the posts from SmashingMagazine. Not only were they able to create an informative website but they were also capable of integrating an online job board on it. SmashingMagazine Jobs is a great resource to find job opportunities and freelance gigs. The platform’s layout is divided into 3 categories namely, design, programming and others. This allows you to filter the freelance jobs that fit you the most. Unlike FreelanceSwitch, you are not required to pay to apply for a certain job. The contact information of the employer is always provided at the bottom of each job post.

Final Summary

Above are 5 top job portal you can find reliable web developer to handle your next WordPress or Web Design and Development projects. There are few more alternative job portal such as Craigslist, Guru and Corofloat. Although above listed job portal are best to find web developer but if you prefer a more professional web development firm, there’s plenty to go around.

Richie KS

The creator and author of Dezzain.com. He also a WordPress, BuddyPress, BBPress and Ecommerce Theme Developer.