3 Biggest Benefits of a Mobile Point of Sale

Mobile point of sale systems are slowly replacing traditional POS terminals and merchant accounts. But for some reason, many merchants are reluctant to adopt the new technology. While there is a certain sense of comfort with dealing with tested and true methods, mobile POSs have many advantages over traditional POS terminals. Here are threeof the biggest benefits of a mobile point of sale.

mobile point of sale benefits
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You Can Sell Where the Customers Are

One of the biggest benefits of point of sale devices is the ability to accept payment wherever the customers are located. If you’re selling items out of the back of your truck or want to set up a table at a flea market, you can go where the customers are and process payment without having to lug a cash register around. You also eliminate the fear of theft because someone took your cash box.

Many online businesses have found that they have a higher conversion rate if customers have as few steps as possible from picking out an item to checking out with it. If someone is in your exhibit and wants to buy an item, having to hike back to the register gives them time to think about not wanting to buy the item. If you carry a point of sale terminal with you, you can secure payment then and there, as soon as they want to buy it. Your overall sales thus increase. According to this piece that was published on Dezzain, you can also use a mPOS such as a iPad POS to better collect customer information as part of the on demand checkout process.

Increase Sales by Accepting What Your Customers Have

The Girl Scouts found that the ability to process credit cards and debit cards resulted in far higher sales for their cookies than when they limited purchases to cash. Small business owners, too, find their opportunities greater when they can accept payment cards instead of only cash. You’re able to sell to more people and move more volume simply by being able to accept more payment methods. Conversely, if someone has to go hit an ATM to come back with the cash, there is a good chance they won’t come back.

Another variation of this are special sales inside of your store. You can sell items in demonstrations or classes at the event and process payment then and there. Now happy customers can walk out with the item without having to walk out to the register. Or, let someone sell items out on the sidewalk in addition to the products inside of the store; you’ll have less theft of items left outside and capture casual sales you’d lose if the person was on the fence about walking into the store to buy.

Faster Processing of Paying Customers

If your salespeople have mobile point of sale payment processing systems, you can process payments from patrons at their tables instead of making them wait at the register to pay their bill or sitting at a table while waiting for someone to pick up their payment card. If they are sitting at the table after finishing their meal waiting for payment to be processed, you cannot move new paying customers into that booth. If you have a line at the register waiting to pay, the crowding could deter new patrons from entering. In either situation, processing payment at the end of the meal quickly increases turnover and profits.

Drive through restaurants like Chick-Fila are deploying staff with mPOS systems to take orders and process payment for people in long drive-through lines. The payment processing early in the line, though the cars are wrapped around the building, makes customers feel like their time is valued, and by paying well before they reach the permanent order kiosk, the restaurant ensures they won’t abandon the line due to its length because they’ve already paid.

During the holiday season, mobile point of sale devices can also be used to process people faster to control lines and improve customer satisfaction.


Mobile point of sale systems allow you to accept whatever payment method your customers have on hand, and you can sell to them where they are. This increases the customer conversion rate and allows you to sell to clients at locations that security concerns may rule out. Mobile point of sale systems allow you to supplement your cash registers, improving customer service, or process people as quickly as possible after their service is complete, allowing you to serve more people.

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