5 Surprising Reasons You Should Get an IT Security Audit

Whether you run a small-to-medium sized business, or a larger enterprise, chances are that you could benefit from an IT security audit – even if you think that your networks and systems are secure.
IT security audits are useful for much more than just preventing attacks from malicious hackers, malware, and more. A comprehensive IT security audit from an IT service Houston provider can give you valuable information that helps reduce IT costs, increase efficiency, and protect your data.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the biggest reasons you should think about investing in an IT security audit.

it security audit business benefits

1. Identify Redundant Or Out-Of-Date Systems

Your IT team is probably quite busy with the day-to-day maintenance and operation of your IT systems. Because of this, they may often overlook the bigger picture – and fail to identify redundant, out-of-date systems such as old servers, useless data backups, and other hardware that is a drain on your resources.

A security audit will help you recognize which of these devices are out-of-date and not useless – and may pose a security threat. This allows you to mothball old systems and protect yourself from data breaches – and save some money in the process.

2. Minimize Data Fragmentation

Data fragmentation is a huge problem at most companies. Even if you have a dedicated, centralized data backup, employees often fail to upload all of their documents to it.

You may also have more than one data backup and repository, so they may upload their documents to the wrong backup device. They may even use alternative backup systems, such as Dropbox or Google Drive to store their documents, or place them on personal hard drives and USB storage devices. This can lead to security risks.

An IT security audit can help you minimize data fragmentation. Security experts can ensure that your employees are adhering to corporate guidelines related to the storage of company data, and that the proper backup solutions are being used.

3. Ensure Your Infrastructure Is Updated And Exploit-Free

Security audits are the best time to make sure that all of your mission-critical IT infrastructure is updated, patched, and free from security vulnerabilities. If a security auditor finds that a particular system is not updated or is vulnerable to a common exploit, they can bring this to your attention.

Security experts can even check for vulnerabilities in custom-built software, and ensure that all of your custom programs are safe from common exploits. This helps you lock down your data, and minimizes your risk of a potentially catastrophic and costly data breach.

4. Check Employee Compliance With IT Best Practices And Regulations

Your employees are, unfortunately, the weak point when it comes to data security. Human error is still responsible for the vast majority of data breaches.

However, you can reduce these risks by ensuring that employees are adhering to best practices for data security. During a security audit, your IT services provider can check employee systems to confirm that they are following all relevant rules and regulations.

If it’s found that your employees are not abiding by these regulations, appropriate steps can be taken – such as blocking the installation of .exe files, restricting access to certain websites, and uninstalling unapproved programs and applications.

5. Analyze And Revamp Disaster Recovery Plans

A security audit is the perfect time to take a look at your current disaster recovery plan. Your security auditing team should provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of both your level of vulnerability – and your ability to recover after a catastrophic data breach.

With this information, you can begin designing a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. A disaster recovery plan outlines all relevant steps you will have to take in case of a data breach or loss, allowing you to maintain normal business operations.

Keep Your Data Safe – Get An IT Security Audit Today!

An IT security audit is the best way to protect yourself from liability in case of a data loss, and audits have a wide variety of other benefits, as seen above. So don’t wait. Contact an IT services provider for an IT security audit today, and make sure that your business is protected.

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