6 Best Tips To Make Moving Offices In Nottingham Quick, Easy, and Cost-Effective

6 tips easy cost effective moving offices in nottingham
The city of Nottingham has the seventh-largest economy in all of the United Kingdom. It is home to many companies from different sectors such as economy, retail, finance, IT, engineering, finance, law, music, creative arts, education, etc.

Because of this diversity, as well as the continuous economic development in the city, it is no surprise that many companies choose to establish, grow, or move their companies here.

However, moving your business to Nottingham, just like moving your business office to any new location, is no easy feat. Regardless of whether you’re a small business finally transitioning out of your home office, or an ever-growing company running out of room in your current office, you will need to dedicate some time, hard work, and money to get the job done.

So, if you are planning on moving your business or your office to a bustling city like Nottingham, there are a few things that you can do to make the moving process quick, hassle-free, and cost-effective. Here they are:

Allot Some Time To Plan The Move

Any kind of relocation requires a lot of planning and organisation. Hence, it is always best for a company to move offices to dedicate more than enough time to plan out every detail regarding the move. This includes creating a budget, timeline, and a checklist for all the things you will need throughout the moving process.

During this period, it is also in your company’s best interest to scope out the new location and plan out the layout of your new office. Knowing where all the equipment and work stations will go will make moving day a breeze. By doing so, it will also be much easier to identify which items you will need for your new office.

To make sure everything goes according to plan, it would be best to assign a couple of people to form a moving team, whose task is to stay on top of everything regarding the move. This will then make the delegation of moving-related tasks much easier to assign and delegate.

It would also be best for you to coordinate with your IT team regarding the relocation of the technical equipment and the migration and protection of all necessary data. These things must be planned ahead, as this will make sure that the business can operate smoothly upon moving.

Hire A Man and Van To Help You Out

One way to make sure your office move is as smooth-sailing as possible is by hiring a man and van in Nottingham! Among its many other uses, a man and van can help with small home removals, single item collection and delivery services, self-storage move-ins, and of course, office removals.

You may be thinking, “I have a whole team of people to carry and load our office equipment into a moving van! Why would I need to hire someone else to do it?

hire a moving man
Well, the answer is simple. A man with a van and his experienced team of movers can easily move and load your items without a sweat.

That means you won’t have to worry about getting damaged or broken in the van, or trip over to your new Nottingham office. And while some items are not so expensive and easily replaceable, others, like computers and glass-top tables, are just too costly and inconvenient to replace or have repaired.

Speaking of damaged items, hiring a Nottingham man and van enables you to make sure that you do not lose out if things get irrevocably damaged. That is because many man and van companies offer an amount of insurance for the items they will be carrying and transporting.

So, while it does seem absurd for you to hire a man and van when you’ve got everyone in their office ready to do the heavy lifting, it would be much more practical for you to do so! Just think about it! Your items will be efficiently moved, while the rest of your team focuses on maintaining office operations or other aspects of the move.

Arrange For The Utilities To Be Up and Running When You Arrive

Electricity and internet service are all crucial parts of an office’s day-to-day operations. Hence, it is advisable to have all these things ready to go before the big day. Making sure that everything is already set, even before you and your team are set to arrive, makes way for everyone’s smooth transition.

Hiring professional cleaners to make sure your new Nottingham office is clean and spotless would also be ideal. Also, find someone who can also work on your air conditioning and heating systems to make sure any potential issues have been addressed before your company starts fully operating at the new location.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Equipment

Just like when you are moving house, you will find many items that have little to no purpose when you are moving offices. You may also take this opportunity to upgrade any of your essential items. Among the list of items you would want to consider giving up are:

  • Old furniture
  • Old electronics (Telephones, computers, copiers, printers, etc.)
  • Outdated documents
  • Redundant items
  • Stray office supplies

To get rid of these items, you may hold an office clearance sale, throw them out, or donate them to charity.

Implement A Simple, Yet Effective Packing and Labelling System

Let your employees handle the packing of their personal belongings themselves. However, it would be best to implement a packing system for common company items and equipment that will ensure that no company property will get lost or misplaced.

moving box label
You will also want to make sure that your computers are safe during the move. You may do these by following these packing tips:

  • Make sure each computer is properly wrapped and taped. The same goes for your computer monitors. Do not put them in boxes as they may move around and break.
  • Do not stack computers on top of each other. Do not put items on top of your computers, either.
  • Detach all cables and keep them wrapped in a separate baggy, which you may attach to its corresponding computer unit. This will prevent damage to your ports and pins.
  • Backup your data. Any data stored on the computers’ drives should be properly backed up. This ensures that if something goes wrong with your equipment, your data will be safe and secure.

And lastly, make sure all your items are appropriately labelled. By making sure it is correctly and clearly labelled, you are helping make the unpacking smooth and much easier! You may also number your boxes as a way to identify its contents easily. Just make sure to keep a record of which items are in which boxes.

Make Sure The Necessary Permits and Paperwork Have Been Filed and That Your Address Has Been Changed

Lastly, you will want to ensure that all the necessary building and moving permits have been secured. If you are new to Nottingham, you may also have to file the required business permits and file a change of address for all your legal documents and any form of billing statements.

While you are on the task of changing addresses, also make sure to change the address on your company website, company letterhead, business cards, and if applicable, your NAP information on Google. You will also want to release a statement informing your customers and other stakeholders about this change.

Doing so may just save your company from additional expenses on fines, last-minute printing, and lost sales.

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