Be Ahead of the Game with a Dedicated App for Your Business

dedicated-app-for-your-businessWith the evolution of technology, there is often the creation of new opportunities that businesses can exploit. People’s dependence on technology has shifted greatly with the rise of the smartphone and device era. Businesses have the opportunity to be ahead of the game by leveraging existing applications, as well as developing their own. The rise of apps has brought about a new marketplace and revenue stream. Many businesses may struggle with ideas on how they can successfully integrate application technology for their business. App developers from Melbourne have taken a look at a few industries to see some of the clever ways businesses have created dedicated apps that have become a game changer for their business.

Expanding your shop front

A great way to leverage the power of mobile apps for your business is by having the app serve as an extension of your business’s shopfront. Where you may already have a website in place that offers you the web commerce experience, you can take this an extra step further by creating a dedicated portal for mobile devices. People behave differently on their mobile devices compared to when they are working on a desktop or laptop. Businesses can create a customized app to enhance the engagement experience. This may include:

  • Scrolling functionality
  • Accessing other mobile functions and applications.
  •  Mobile sharing functions.
  • Navigational functions

Expanding your business’s point of sale opportunity

Many businesses have been able to improve their business revenues by expanding their point of sale reach via their mobile applications. Some of the long-term business benefits include the reduction of point of sale staff. Additionally, the applications improve the sales scalability for the business. With most of the applications being presented as an online shop front, the implementation of a secure mobile-friendly shopping cart can help businesses gain an increase in pre-purchased sales for their products or services. This is common with the mobile apps from hotel comparison applications where people are paying in advance, compared to the standard industry behavior to pay in arrears upon checkout.

Expand the experience offered by your business

Your mobile app can enhance the experience current and potential customers can have with your business. There are different types of applications that can be developed to fall under the experience that you would like to deliver for your business’s brand. These include:


You can improve the functionality and operations within your business by developing the app. This may impact the operations within your business model or add convenience to the sales model for your business.


The application can further improve the communication and transparency among internal staff or among your customer base. With your customers, you can expand your direct marketing efforts through mobile notifications that can also be synced to their email and social media accounts. Additionally, you can provide additional incentives for mobile app signups such as access to discounts, bonuses and loyalty schemes.

Monetizing your application

At the end of the day, you want to improve the revenue that is coming into your business. Mobile applications can improve your business revenue and also help to reduce business operational costs. There are three outcomes that you can consider for your mobile applications.

  1. You can earn money from your application via advertising or app purchases.
  2. You can reach a new set of customers and send out promotions via the app.
  3. You can showcase your products and services and promote offers directly via the application.

Mobile apps can help businesses achieve the competitive edge in their industry. Broaden the experience that your business can offer and give potential customers the chance to access your store in the palm of their hand.

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