Fruitful Office’s Commitment to Corporate Responsibility and Ethics

business corporate responsibilityBy distributing fruit baskets to an increasing number of offices each week, Fruitful Office is playing a significant role in boosting the general health of the working population of the UK, Ireland, Holland, Germany and Belgium.

The company is also massively committed to corporate responsibility, and to behaving in an ethical manner.

Planting Fruit Trees in Africa

Fruitful Office launched its Planting Fruit Trees in Africa initiative back in 2012, in association with RIPPLE Africa, a UK charity that works in Malawi. The central idea of the scheme is that the company plants one tree in the East African country of Malawi for every fruit basket that is consumed by its clients back in Europe.

Many of the trees that are planted are guava and papaya fruit trees, while some quick-growing trees such as senna siamea are also planted to provide firewood for the local people.

Once planted, the trees are nurtured by local schools, households and farms. These groups receive the necessary training and equipment required to ensure that they nurture their trees effectively. An example of the education provided to the local community is the need to get as many tree seedlings as possible ready for planting during the rainy season, which runs from December to April.

So how do Malawian families benefit from the Planting Fruit Trees scheme?

  • It provides fruit for their own consumption
  • The trees can be used as firewood
  • Planting fruit trees helps tackle deforestation

According to the latest update, issued in September 2017, 1.6 million tubes had been filled. The 2017/2018 tree planting project target for Mzuzu and Mzimba is 2,500,000 trees.

British Transplant Games

Fruitful Office was also proud to support the 2017 British Transplant Games, which were held in North Lanarkshire, near Glasgow. 25 sports took place at venues across the region – from archery and basketball to tenpin bowling and volleyball – and saw 721 Transplant Athletes compete in the various events. 443 local people volunteered at the Games.

The objectives of the Transplant Games include:

  • Encouraging transplant patients to get involved in sport, and to regain fitness
  • Raising awareness of the need for more people to register as organ donors
  • Celebrating the altruism of donor families

The children and staff of the Glasgow Children’s Team wrote to Fruitful Office and its staff to thank them for their kind donation to the cause.

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