Google AdWords Campaign Mistakes That Destroy Your Possible Results

adwords mistakes to avoidEvery serious company in the world uses AdWords as a part of its online marketing advertising strategy but this can be quite expensive on the long run. Highly competitive words can actually go as high as $30 dollars per click or more. Prices tend to go higher when you promote controversial businesses online or when the industry is highly competitive. No matter the case, your goal is to basically get better results. You do this by doing many different things, including avoiding the common mistakes below.

Not Using Keywords In The Ad Copy

There is this belief that it does not matter what words are used in AdWords as long as the ad reaches the people that want to make purchases. This is not actually the case. Generic copies are not going to convert really well. What is always important is to be sure that you use the highly relevant keywords for your ads and that people actually see them. Using intent-based keywords is normally the best thing that you can do when you are interested in a specific action. Commercial-intent keywords are necessary when your goal is to get new clients.

Not Using The AdWords Negative Keywords Section

The belief is that there are no negative keywords for a campaign since all publicity will be good publicity. This is completely incorrect. Let’s simply think about having your company be listed under “business scams” searches. In this case the potential buyer actually ends up thinking that your company is a scam, which is definitely not what you want to see.

AdWords allows you to add negative keywords. Your ads are not going to appear when these negative keywords are searched. There are surely many keywords that will be harmful for your business. Make sure you identify them and that you add them to the appropriate section as your ad is created.

Not Using Locations

There is no AdWords management company out there that will not use location as the ad is created. Most people think that it does not really matter where the ads appear as long as people that are interested in buying will be found. The truth is that geographic location is paramount for the success of modern AdWords ads.

Location targeting is very important since people that are located in one area will shop differently than those in another area. For instance, let’s say you sell brand shoes online. It is highly possible that in one city Adidas shoes sell really well while in others people would prefer Nike.

Sending Traffic Only To Home Page

This is an interesting common mistake that happens much more often than it should. The idea is that when you send traffic to the home page you expose the potential customers to more products. In reality, someone that searches for a specific item will end up on the home page and when he does not see that product he will look somewhere else.

Remember that people clicking on the ads now look for an immediate solution. Because of this, when they find something too generic or too many products, they look for another page.

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