How to Attract Health Insurance Buyers in a World of Snapchat Addicts?

Do Snapchat and Health Insurance go hand in hand? Well, I must say that Snapchat is kicky but insurance isn’t.

Let’s start from the scratch. Are you familiar with Snapchat? Well, it is a social platform with more than 150 million users. A person or a brand name can register on Snapchat and can share images and videos, known as the snaps, to their friends and followers. These snaps are visible for almost 10 seconds after which they just disappear.

Did you know that Snapchat chilled summer drinks campaign was launched by the much beloved coffee brand Starbucks? Yes, it is true as Starbucks rose in popularity with its appetizing Frappuccino. The campaign offered an opportunity to the Starbucks drinkers to superimpose a lens over a picture of their freeze beverage and share with your friends. Snap chatters who saw their friends snapping pics with the lenses triggered many to rush to their nearest Starbucks and purchase a beverage. The triggered mob would probably add Starbucks to their must follow brands. Well it sounded great for the Starbucks, but how about others?

snapchat marketing tips guides for health insurance promoter

Alka Forsikring, a Danish insurance company achieved success on a platform like Snapchat after a 3 months campaign targeting live stories and competitions, thus reaching the people whom it struggled to communicate with. In Denmark, almost 48% of people between 12-29 years of age use Snapchat every day. So, Alka with its 14$ plan offered all the personal belongings for 21-30 years old. They published short videos circumambulating around someone losing something or having an item lost or stolen like bike, car or a laptop. Followers who took the screenshot of Alka’s brand color sent the latter with their name and number. As a result of which such followers were eligible to win a prize. Now this was more of a novice concept in order to drive more and more targeted customers.

Business Insider slated that almost 100 million users of Snapchat use the application for around 15-20 minutes on a daily basis. So, isn’t Snapchat a realm of social media which is still untapped?

Though our world is treading towards digital communication, but the insurance buyers would prefer to buy the insurance from those whom they can trust or like. Moreover, insurance agents can take the help of social media to create their own online ecosystem. Such ecosystem provides transparency between the agent and the customers. Building relationships and fabricating a community of satisfied customers should be a priority. And as far as Snapchat is concerned, it can be used to generate leads which further can be converted into potential sales.

How Snapchat can emerge as a phoenix in Health Insurance Industry?

  • Hype of 10 second video: If you have a client who is willing to work with you, then you can ask your client to share a 10 second video on Snapchat with your followers. This step could prove much effective and might gain you more credibility.
  • Insurance Tips: If at all you look forward to add value to your efforts, then you should make your customers aware of the fact as to how you can the most of your insurance policies. Enlightening them with the do’s and don’ts would help your customers in the long run.
  • Messaging Feature of Snapchat: Why to choose an orthodox medium of reaching your customers i.e. through emails? So, try to differentiate yourself by interacting with your customers on the Snapchat’s messaging feature.
  • Market Research: Once you have decent number of followers on Snapchat, you have a chance to gather more and more market information. Asking questions about their problems and taking regular feedback of their respective insurance agents might help you in carving out the locus of your market.
  • A must try: Just like Facebook conquered every aspect of the market, the same way Snapchat can also. It is just a new platform which would grow slowly and gradually, just like Facebook did. As the younger demographic is more active on Snapchat, but in the time to come it would witness a major upswing in its followers or users. So, creating awareness regarding the health insurance on Snapchat might seem pretty awkward, but I’m sure that Snapchat would leave everyone gawking in the next 12 months to come.

Now, that you all are illuminated with some unique features of Snapchat and how it can easily help the insurance companies to create more and more leads, get out into the arena and act. Because in today’s swift paced lifestyle, you never know who can have an upper hand when it comes to the competition in the global market. Connect with your followers, might be that you are just a snap away from success.

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