How to Start and Market an Accounting Business from the Ground Up

how to start and market accounting business
If you have the aptitude for working with numbers and the organizational skills to compliment that, then a career in accounting could be ideal for you. This sector values people who have an attention to detail and the ability to problem-solve. However, if you are considering moving on from a completely different sector, it can feel like an insurmountable task to build expertise in a separate specialism. However, it certainly isn’t impossible if you build a strategic plan.

Get qualified

The first step in your business plan should be to get qualified. This will involve getting an MBA with a concentration in accounting. This will not only provide certification that you are a qualified accountant, but that you also have the organizational skills to match. If you are coming from a completely different area of expertise, an accounting MBA no GMAT required is likely to be your best option. This allows you to get on with studying as soon as possible so you can start building on your future.

Get a website

When you do qualify, you will need a platform to promote yourself to potential customers. Having a website allows you to showcase your industry knowledge as well as your qualifications. As you start building clients and customers, you can also use your website to display testimonials to prove your reliability and efficiency. It will also give your accountancy business a personal flavor that will be far more appealing than a faceless company.

business startup website

Who is your client base?

Do you happen to have a specialism? For example, do you happen to have knowledge of a particular industry? Do you have a natural affinity with a particular type of person as a result of industry experience? Harnessing this expertise and targeting a particular clientele will help you focus your marketing strategy.

Offer advice

Many business owners may resent the idea of offering advice for free, but it can also be an ideal way of spreading your name. Offering a short half-hour of professional accounting tips to start-ups could just convince them to use you in the future. If you are reluctant to hold surgeries for accounting tips, then writing articles online that are linked to your website could just establish you as a wise and trustworthy professional.

Don’t forget social media

business social media
Don’t mislead yourself into thinking that social media is for creative industries only. In fact, some marketers have argued that image is actually a very powerful tool when it comes to accountancy and social media. Yes, your industry may be seen as dry and formal, but adding a photograph to introduce you or your team will suddenly add a dimension of color and friendliness. This approach may just give you the upper hand over other firms.

In order to get your accountancy business off the ground, you will need knowledge, expertise, and strategy. Combining these three will give you a professional and approachable edge that might just give you the edge over some of your competitors.

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