How to Use 3D Printing to Grow Your Roofing Business

Technology is advancing at rates that seem faster than the speed of light but most businesses are hard pressed to keep up with changes that can have a direct impact on their bottom line. Some of the latest buzz is all about 3D printers and how they can ‘produce’ models lifelike enough to make a sale that would otherwise be almost impossible. Although roofing contractors do get business, think about the impact a great website and the ability to produce virtual 3D models would have on a going concern.


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Technology’s Impact on Construction

Any type of trade in the construction industry would benefit by having the ability to visualize what the finished product will look like without the need to build a model. As a result, sales would increase proportionately. No one likes to buy sight unseen and for this reason, technology is going to have a huge impact on future sales. For example Sioux Falls contractors in the roofing industry could not only show home and business owners what the finished roof would look like but could also draw in general contractors looking for roofing subcontractors. It’s amazing what technology can do for growing a business through visualization!

Using 3D Imagery to Build an Amazing Website

Before you can show anyone a visual model of what the finished product will look like, you need to capture their attention. Instead of traditional web pages that are perhaps well laid out and visually attractive, it is suggested that you pull out all the bells and whistles when it comes to technological design. You are looking to impress your potential market with technology so all SEO and other variables on your website should have that extra ‘techie touch.’ Use of 3D imagery captured from a 3D printer would have an amazing impact on any website, especially in the construction industry.

What Today’s Consumer Is Actually Looking For

Today’s consumer, private and commercial, is looking for that ‘something more’ that they aren’t getting from businesses they are dealing with. How many contractors do you know that could show you any more than a couple of still shots and perhaps a blueprint layout of a house for sale? Imagine a website that had an image of a 3D representation of the home as opposed to that single blueprint! Whether you are a roofer or a general contractor, let technology work for you to engage potential customers.

It all boils down to the fact that people are busier than ever before, even with all the advances in technology. The more you can show them quickly on a website or when meeting face to face with the luxury of a 3D printer, the easier it will be to close a deal. A quick 3D representation of what you are selling goes so much further than a thousand words could ever express. This is truly a new spin on the old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well then, to go one step further, “A 3D picture is priceless.”

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