Importance of Mobile Apps Development for Business Growth and Revenue Earning

importance-of-mobile-apps-development-for-business-growth-and-revenue-earningCell Phones and Mobile Applications have become very crucial and highly popular in everyday life. They have also revolutionized the communication and business world. Millions of people all over the world are using Smartphone devices for multiple uses like communication, chatting, songs, videos, texting, browsing, gaming, marketing, social networking, health and fitness, education, and much more. Mobile Apps Development has also become a big source of revenue generation and jobs.

Smartphone devices have also become indispensable to business and marketing. No other devices are more effective for faster business growth and brand promotions than Mobile Apps. The business owners can advertise and expose their business brands and products to millions of users worldwide through these devices. The Start-Ups and established organizations are able to expand their business globally and increase customers base manifolds in a short duration by using Apps as compared to organizations that are relying more on traditional ways and methods to conduct their business.

The importance Mobile applications can be best understood by the research reports and statistics of different research agencies. Statista reports that apps download will reach approximately 269 billion apps as compared to 2.52 billion in 2009. The report further states that the projected mobile app revenues in 2020 will be 101 billion U.S.S dollars, up from 41.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2015. Nielsen study informs that people spend 30 hours in a month on these devices. Similarly, StatCounter survey shows that mobile web browsers generated 37 percent of web visits in 2015. These statistics shows that Mobile devices are becoming a dire necessity to people and business alike.

The popularity and phenomenal numbers of downloads and App revenues have also started a race among developers to set up Mobile App Development Start-ups for developing Smartphone devices. The business owners can outsource their Apps design to these mobile App development companies, or they can hire developers from these developing companies.

Start-ups also develop Apps and games for revenues. They distribute their devices through Google Play, Apple, or Window App Stores.  Google Play Store with 2.2 million apps tops the list, followed by Apple with 2 million available apps, according to June 2016 Statistics report. These stores distribute both Free and Paid Smartphone devices.

There are various ways how developers earn revenue for their devices in Apps Stores. The free apps mostly earn revenues on advertisements and/or in-app-purchases. Android devices can monetize through Premium model, Freemium model, Subscription model, AdMob Ads model, E-commerce, and Instant Purchase, according to Android. Similarly, Apps on Apple Stores can generate revenues through Free Model, Freemium model, and Subscription model, as per Apple.

The business owners develop Smartphone devices to boost customer’s base and promote and expand their business globally. These devices are also becoming the best tool for exposing business brand internationally because Apps remain visible on the Cellphone screens. The users also notice your device when they search similar apps on their Cell Phones. These devices are also the best way to retain customers and gain their loyalty because chatting and texting features in these devices allow customers to get instant response to their queries. They can also place their orders; get information about inventories, delivery schedules, payments, invoices, appointments, and other necessary business-related details.

These Smartphone devices also increase the productivity of the organizations by improving inter-departmental cooperation, communication, and interaction. These devices help business owners and marketing professionals conduct their business and sale anyplace, anywhere, and anytime.

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Deepak Vijay is a technical writer in Syon Infomedia Pvt. Ltd, a leading mobile apps development company, specializing in Android, iPad, HTML5, Blackberry, and iPhone Apps development. Deepak also has 8+ years experience in brand or product marketing managment.

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