4 Important Metrics To Track and Work On For Boosting Your eLearning Business’ Marketing Performance

important metrics to boost elearning business marketing performance
You may be doing everything in your reach to promote your eLearning business to its best prospects, which is excellent. But is promotion the only thing?

Well, even though you might be tracking all your marketing campaigns, it’s essential to track the metrics that matter most.

Aiding to the same, here we are listing four of the most important metrics that you must track for boosting your eLearning business’ marketing performance.

So, buckle up and read on.

1. Free Trial Signups

The world knows that it’s important to track web traffic, so we’re taking that as given and moving past it.

It’s time we talk about another important metric to track for your eLearning business. Free trial signups.

If you are an LMS vendor or eLearning authoring tool publisher, you may as well be offering your prospects a free trial to your products/services.

We know that the idea is to let them know how useful your products are so they can finally make a purchase call. But can you do it efficiently if you don’t track the number of free trial signups that your product is getting?

Not really!

Your best bet? Keep track. Know the number of free trial signups that your offer got for all your different campaigns and see how you can boost that number.

Also, don’t forget to plan your next marketing moves for moving these free trial registrants down the conversion funnel.

2. Best Performing Traffic Sources

As your marketing efforts may be spread out over different channels, your results would also be coming from a number of directions.

traffic conversion sources
These directions are the traffic sources or channels that you promoted your business on.

And as there are multiple traffic sources, some would perform better than others. To make sure that your business’ products and services are promoted for highest ROI, you need to identify the best performing channels.

So, whether it’s Facebook, or a niche-specific PPC platform or your optimized popup banner campaign, you must know about it so you can focus your efforts in the most productive directions.

3. Conversion Rate For New Visitors

It’s no surprise that visitors coming to your website for the first time will show different behaviour than those who know about it.

This is one reason why you must separately monitor new and old visitor conversion rates.

Also, to boost conversion rates among new visitors, you must take note of the elements that your new visitors are liking and interacting the most with.

4. Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and Bounce Rate

Let’s talk about CTR first.

The CTR of your ad campaigns (run on different traffic sources) and of your landing page (on your website) matters a great deal.

traffic metric for conversion
This metric tells you how your text copies are performing. Whether the users are finding them intriguing enough to click through or not. And whether you need to think of something better and more actionable.

So, track this metric and introspect a little about your current text copies. If you think you can make them better, then go for it.

Secondly, it’s important to monitor the bounce rate because this metric tells you whether your visitors like your web pages or not. If the bounce rates are high, you clearly need to work on the target pages.

Final words

As you look forward to boosting your eLearning business’ marketing performance, it becomes essential to track specific metrics. In this post, we talked about four such metrics that you must monitor and work on.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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