How to Sell Backlit Trade Show Displays to a Skeptic

how to sell backlit trade show displays to a skeptic
Trade shows are a hub for commerce and can be a quite competitive atmosphere. With hundreds of booths offering quality services, vendors really have to stay on top of the game. There are many marketing techniques to increase the odds of consumers choosing your product or service. The trade show is the place where you want to bring your best, as thousands of potential customers are brought right to you. An attractive display is the first connection between vendor and consumer. Backlit trade show displays make booths unique and modern. Some vendors, however, are skeptical about adding one to their presentation. A little more convincing is often in order.


Backlit designs can be anything you want them to be. They are not limited by pre-made design choices. The vendor can be the designer, providing favorite photos, a list of customer reviews, or even their own artwork. This is a great place to display the best examples of what your company has to offer. Instead of waiting for potential customers to approach the booth, your product or service is already making an impact. There is no easier way to imprint your product on hundreds of minds, than to provide a backlit display at your booth.

The various options also enable the vendor to make their advertising area unique. From simple screens to tabletop and multiple tower displays, the choices are endless. You can choose a subtle enhancement or complete modernization of the entire area. Various shaped screens can be hung up, creating an artistic look. Screens can also be placed under booth tables for easy viewing as customers approach. Vendors should think about what type of message they want to portray about their personal brand.

Easy to Maneuver

Trade shows can be exhausting. The constant setting up and taking down of a booth be extremely time consuming. Many traditional displays can take hours to clean up ad relocate to the next event. Storage during travel can also be an issue. Backlit displays are more portable and can accomplish the same thing with less equipment. Set up is fast, leaving you more time to focus on the important things, your business endeavors.

The variety of sizes and versatile designs make backlit displays the most flexible advertising option available. You can choose a size to fit a small or large advertising area, and one that also fits into your travel plans.


custom led backlit display
Many trade show displays are creative and fun to look at when you get up close, but they do not catch the attention of passerby very well. A backlit display is made for this purpose. Everyone passing by the booth is sure to notice, increasing your chances of sales. A backlit display is the best way to boost revenue and advertise consistently. The bright lights and proper placement ensure that the backlit display is easily seen, even from those that are not close to your booth.

A skeptical buyer may simply need more information to feel comfortable with a backlit display. Any decision to purchase items for advertising often comes down to cost. Vendors need to understand why this option is the most effective way to advertise, saving them money in the long run.

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