The Ways Video Content Can Boost Your Website

video content can boost your website

Video is an important medium for any website owner. Working in conjunction with your written text can help drive engagement, and importantly, get people to take action on your site. Here are some reasons you should be making the most of video content.


People love video such as escort Belfast. Just think about how popular television is and how many people use YouTube each day. Our love of video gives website owners the ability to use this medium to grab people’s attention, and this is one of the first steps in creating engagement. If you can get people’s attention just for those first few seconds, then it’s up to you whether you can keep them on your content, but at least you’ve got that initial hook.

Cater to Everyone

People like to consume information in different ways. For some people, that means reading a blog; for others, it is looking at infographics, but for many people, video is one of their preferred formats. If your website only features written content, then you might be missing out on a huge section of your audience that enjoys video content. By turning your written content into well-formatted videos, you make sure you’re appealing to a wider audience. Putting your audience at the heart of your content creation is one thing. However, you can take this one step further by making use of highly accurate captioning software. It means you are making your videos accessible for everyone. This means those with disabilities and those who simply prefer to leave the sound off can still enjoy your content.

More Time on Page

The more time people spend on your website, the better, and video is a great way to boost the amount of time people spend on your pages. When we get to a website, we don’t always want to read a huge long article about our subject, but if we see a short video, we’re much more likely to stay and see what it’s about. Rather than people who don’t fancy reading your blog bouncing off your page, they instead stick around to watch the video.

This might even encourage them to read the written blog or check out other pages on your site.

Great Social Media Tool

Video plays out wonderfully well on social media. In fact, videos on social media drive 12 times more shares on these platforms than text and image combined. This is a huge improvement and can be the difference between your social media presence taking off or failing to get going. The thing to remember is there’s lots of competition on social media, so you’ve got to make sure you’re investing in quality videos.

Effective Way of Conveying Messages

Videos are extremely good at conveying messages. While people can sometimes struggle to take the key points from a long text, this process is much easier with video. Studies have found that viewers retain 95% of a message from a video versus just 10% of a written text. Once again, this is a huge difference and goes to show the power of video for your website.

Your website needs to convey messages effectively in order to be successful, and video is a great way of doing this.

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