6 Super Effective Ways to Boost Your Followers

6 super effective ways to boost your followers
Did you wonder why even having millions of people using Instagram on a daily basis, you still not getting enough followers to your account? Well, that’s because you are not following an effective marketing strategy to promote your account. One of the ways to buy real instagram followers is to post quality content at right times. Also if you want to boost your following, you also need to have a legitimate profile. Here’s a guide on how to use Endorsements on LinkedIn to your advantage. However there are many other beneficial ways. Thus, here in this blog post, we have discovered 6 super effective ways to boost your followers organically.

1. Understand the hashtags game

Not only creating high-quality content on Instagram is important, promoting it right way through hashtags is equally relevant. According to research, it has been found that a post with hashtags gets 12.6 % more engagement as compared to a post without hashtags.

Hashtags allow customers to easily find you on Instagram. To use hashtags you need to look up for the popular and trendy hashtags in your niche and insert them in your posts.

Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags per post, so utilize this space accordingly. However, it is always advisable to insert hashtags wisely and not unnecessarily stuff them with your Instagram posts. Doing this will not only get you banned from Instagram but you will also lose some potential clients.

2. Maintain consistency with your posting

Most accounts fail to get more followers on their Instagram profiles because they are poor in posting consistently. Viewers like profiles that post new and valuable content on a regular basis. Many people often ask how much should I post? The answer is simple- You need to post every single day to get high engagement on your posts.

However, there is some best time to post on Instagram which depends upon your target audiences. For instance, Monday to Wednesday- 10:00 to 4:00 is considered an ideal time for posting. But it depends on when your users are more active to decide which time is suitable for your business promotion. So to prepare your posting schedule to refer to your Instagram insights and know more about your customers.

3. Use geotag in your each post

Using location in your posts is a great way to get more followers on your Instagram account. Instagram posts with location tend to show 79 percent more engagement than those who don’t use. If you wish to promote your business online on Instagram location plays a very crucial role.

It let people know where your activities are actually going on. It also helps in creating a personal touch with your customers by revealing your official address. To add location simply tap on that option and type the name of the place you want to tag. If unfortunately, you are unable to find that place, then enter its name and it’s done.

4. Host competitions/giveaways

Competitions are another best way to create buzz around people. By organizing interesting and exciting contests, you can get more people on your account and they get a good reason to follow you. You can also give some amazing rewards for building the interest of people.

Contests can be of any type. From asking people to bring more followers to your account to asking them to tag their friends in your posts could be possible options for your contests. In this way, you will not only able to get potential followers for your Instagram account but also create more brand awareness among audiences.

create high quality influential content

5. Create high-quality influential content

Creating high quality amazing is the most important factor to consider while promoting your business online. Since every business has some distinctive goals, so you need to identify them and frame content accordingly. If you think posting funny or humorous content would do the job, go on entertaining the people but if your business goal is to inspire the people, post that only.

Never post low-quality images as it feels ugly. Spend more time on producing the content for your audience in order to come up with something exceptional and attractive. Also, keep in mind your user’s taste and preferences while creating the content so as to get more followers.

6. Optimize your bio

Bio is the primary thing to take into consideration for boosting your follower’s count. Keep it in such a way that whenever someone visits your profile, it persuades the person to follow your account. Some of the particular things to include necessarily in your bio are your brand logo, tagline, website/blog link or a call to action.

The bio space is 150 characters so it should be written very carefully stating all the required information which you want your users to know. You may refer to the bio section of some top brands to get an idea of what users prefer.


Growing followers on Instagram isn’t that easy now. You need to be very consistent with your strategy and follow it strictly to increase your followers. Make sure you make full use of instagram features available to promote your business.

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