Choosing The Top 12 Social Media Management Tools

choosing-the-top-12-social-media-management-toolsHave you ever tried to use a social media management tool, only to determine that it was just a waste of your time? Instead of making your life easier, it made things more confusing.

While a number of different social media management tools exist, you need to ensure you use the right tools for your social media marketing efforts, and choosing the best webinar platforms would be beneficial to all digital marketeer in managing their client efficiently.

That is because not all of them fulfill the needs of your business. As you go through the twelve social media tools below, consider which ones have the greatest impact on your current strategy. When you find the right one it makes your more social media marketing efforts more effective.

Social Media Management Tools

1. HootSuite One of the most commonly use social media management tools on the planet. The reason for the popularity of Hootsuite has to do with their ability to schedule posts on multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn), and allow teams to create unified management of social media.

They also provide enterprise-level reporting features for social media management companies.

Finally, users can track keywords, hashtags, and user feeds all on one dashboard.

2. Buffer – Great for any business that is looking to share and schedule content creation over social media. The simplicity of Buffer is you can share articles, pictures, and videos “automagically” as they say on the site.  This is great if you are not able to post content throughout the day.

The power scheduler feature is good for sharing the content that you want to be placed multiple times throughout the week.

3. Sprout Social – A unified social media inbox that allows marketers to schedule, publish, and analyze social media content. This premium social media tool helps you use social analytics to measure and track your growth to determine the response from your campaigns.

4. Social Flow – Part social media monitoring tool, and part industry analyzer. Essentially, you can watch real-time conversations on Facebook and Twitter. Then Social Flow analytics tools help you to improve your social media strategy for content creation.

Another great feature is their ability to analyze your organic content to help you choose the correct ads for your social advertising.

5. Crowd Booster –  While the other social media management tools focus on scheduling content and analyzing the information, Crowdbooster focuses exclusively on improving your own social media strategy.

They do this with easy-to-use charts and graphs that help you evaluate your social media marketing.

6. – Initially a URL shortener tool, you also have real-time analytics that tracks your clicks for every link that you share. While initially created for Twitter and other social media, they do a lot with mobile marketing today as well.

7. Every Post – A social media publishing tool that curates visual content across a variety of sources. You can then customize and schedule posts across your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts.

8. Social Oomph – A comprehensive social sharing platform for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn that allows you to schedule tweets, save and reuse tweets, URL shorteners to track clicks, view mentions and retweets, purge your DRM inbox, auto-follow new followers, and auto-DM new followers.

One note on Social Oomph. While it is by far one of the best tools for Twitter, if you publish on more image-friendly social networks like Pinterest or Instagram consider using another platform like Latergramme (Instagram only)  or Hootsuite.

9. Dashburst – A combination of social networking, dashboard, and blogging platform. Furthermore, you can curate and share text, photos, video, audio, articles, infographics, docs, and other forms of media. Keep in mind that Dashburst is still in Beta, so expect changes to the system in the near future.

10. Social Bro – Another tool to help you with your social media strategy for Twitter. Social Bro helps you target your competitors and influencers, so you can leverage their audiences.

You can also use Social Bro to analyze what they are thinking and saying on the social network.

Next, you can optimize your engagement with your audience, along with tracking the success of your organic and paid social campaigns.

11. IFTTTIf this then that is an automation site where you set up specific automation tasks (recipes) that you want to do for virtually any type of social or online marketing task.

For example, if you want to forward tweets to your Facebook fan page, you can do that. You can also schedule posts, send notifications, save content, add connections to Twitter lists, and share updates across networks.

They also have to DO recipes to allow you to automate certain tasks from your smartphone.

12. TweetDeck – Track multiple feeds and hashtags on Twitter all in real-time on the dashboard. The platform was so popular that Twitter bought this original third-party application because the platform is such a great monitoring tool.

Final Thoughts

With all of the tools mentioned here, it is worth noting again that the tools you use in business are nothing in comparison to how you use them for your social media marketing efforts.

Treat your social media management tools as an extension of your current marketing efforts. Then when you want to expand, you can do so effectively with the tools listed in this article.

In the meantime, let us know what your favorite social media management tool is in the comments below.

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