How Buying Twitter Followers Changed The Fortune Overnight

twitter_birds_singingHello, I am Sakshi Gupta, a professional singer having experience of 10 years in singing. I struggled for almost 8 years to get popularity and was successful in getting it, but my popularity was limited to my city only. I have a low fan following on twitter that too limited to my city. At that point of time, one of my friends told me that we can buy twitter followers. The first thought that crossed my mind was “why would people do that and what is the benefit of purchasing twitter followers?” I searched google and found out how it helped people in growing there carrier online and offline. One of them is Lindsey Dorethy, a full time photographer who explained her story of getting successful.

I purchased 15000 followers and buy twitter retweets the very next day, I was not sure of the result. I have made the payment for purchasing followers but there are still few questions in my mind like whether i will get 15000 followers or not, whether the money invested by me will help my carrier grow or not.

Few days later, a famous singer of Los Angels twitted me and shows his desire to meet me. On meeting, he told me that he heard my song on twitter and really liked my voice and the way I delivered the song. He offered me to sing for his band as his co-singer. That day was the turning day of my life and I realised that the decision made by me was the best decision.

I was impressed with the services of the company TwitterFollowersTrend, all this happened because of the decision I made and the company I selected. Purchasing twitter followers provided me an opportunity which I won’t be able to get. I am thankful to the social and online networking sites and the company which gave my carrier new heights.

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