Growing Your TikTok Account in 2020

growing your tiktok account in 2020
Unless you haven’t been connected to the internet at all in 2019, you would have heard of the rise of the video sharing app TikTok, it has picked up where vine left off and lets users post their own videos to their followers.

TikTok is the latest app that you need to get your head around, whether you are an established brand, business or influencer and just like Instagram, the more followers you have, the better your account looks. So, what are the best ways to grow your TikTok account?


TikTok is relatively new to the game when you measure it up against Instagram, but that hasn’t stopped companies from developing some pretty solid automation tool. Like Instagram, the premise is the same, you need to validate other users’ content and in return they will do the same for you. Instead of spending hours on the app liking, engaging and following other users, free up that time and automate these actions.

You can expect to see an increase in your follower number from between 20-100 or more followers a day, with services then unfollowing them two days later. According to Quantum Marketer, these tools are easy to configure, and you can access detailed reports and adjust your strategy accordingly. It is worth noting that when you configure your automation tool, you want to limit the number of accounts followed per day to under 400 with a rest period set, this means that your account wont flag as suspicious activity.

Posting Time

It sounds basic, but you need to make sure you are posting your content at the correct time. In order to maximise your reach, you want to make sure your target market is active when you post. To do this effectively you first need to understand the community on TikTok that you are trying to engage with, you can then look at when they are most active and post accordingly. TikTok is very community orientated, so understanding your target market is not just vital for your posting time, it needs to be embedded in everything you do on the app, from creating content, engagement and who you are following.

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Organic Growth Service

You may already be in the position where you are managing multiple social media accounts across a variety of platforms and simply don’t have the resources to invest time in organically growing a TikTok following. There are organic growth services available to you such as TokUpgrade that can help grow your account on your behalf.

Again, it is important that you understand the audience you are trying to reach, Gen Z are not forgiving when it comes to spammy accounts that don’t represent their interests. An organic growth service will have a detailed conversation with you about your market niche and target community and will build an engagement strategy off the back of this information, from there they will grow your account on your behalf.

They are an excellent choice as they will endeavour to keep your account secure and make sure their actions don’t get your account flagged for suspicious activity which can result in it becoming blocked and deleted.

Final Considerations

Growing your TikTok account doesn’t mean that you have to spend all of your available time on the app engaging with other users. You can automate actions and use a growth service to help you reach your desired follow number.

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IF you don’t want to use tools to help you increase your following, make sure you are posting your content at the correct time in order to reach your target market and chosen community.

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