Increase Your Followers on Instagram for Your Business

how to increase business instagram followers
Instagram has become one of the favorite social networks, and this is due to its ease and simplicity to use it which makes it increasingly attractive to the users of the world even for the big brands.

This social network is a fundamental tool to grow your business, to promote a new brand or simply if you want to become more popular in the networks as this will bring positive things in your life such as employment contracts, meet people who have your same interests or meet your average orange.

That is why here we will tell you the different ways to achieve it step by step to grow your business or to make you more popular. There are two different ways, with the fast track you will get lots of followers and through the most secure way you will get quality followers.

Fast track how to increase followers on Instagram – step by step

One of the fastest ways to increase Instagram followers by using hashtags in your posts referring to the subject of the photo, you can search the most popular hashtags on the network that identify with your publication or with your brand, so it will be much more It is easy for people to see your publications in different parts of the world and if they like the content they will undoubtedly be able to follow it.

You can use hashtags that have nothing to do with your publication but that will undoubtedly make your account move and increase your followers such as: #onedirection, #justinbieber, or #katyperry, they are very used to get me liked but if you have a demanding public will be frowned upon by them.

Another fast way is paying for them, there are many websites that offer this service today, where you choose the number of followers you want to have in your account and pay for the amount of them, an excellent option when it comes to followers. From Followers socialrunner they offer this service at the best price in the market.

Undoubtedly with this fast track to upload your followers on Instagram, you will achieve your main goal is to increase followers, but are there other ways that even cost more work, work?

That is why you should think about what kind of followers you want to have in your account because with this channel you will only find a large number of followers, who do not increase your sales because they may live in countries far away, or maybe they are not really interested in what you publish.

Sync your account with other social networks

sync social network
It’s very easy, you get into configuration and enter “content configuration”, there you will see a list of all social networks with which you can synchronize. One of the sure ways to increase followers on Instagram, is synchronizing your Instagram account with other social networks, you can follow your friends on Facebook, twitter and all possible social networks so that they can follow you, so every time you post on instagram they will be published simultaneously on the social networks with which you have synchronized your account. Here we tell you the simple steps to synchronize your Instagram account:

You choose the social networks with which you want to synchronize your Instagram account, there you will have to write your username and password for each social network you have chosen and ready and your accounts will be synchronized. You can delete this option when you want.

Use tags related to your business

Another option to increase followers on Instagram is monitoring a hashtag  regarding the subject of your account, you can do this daily and you will find many accounts that relate to the product or service you want to offer and you will also get people who want to know about your account and you will follow.

If in that search for the tags of the day you get accounts that relate to yours, no doubt follow it and you will see that they will also want to follow you.

Create your own hashtag

Create your own hashtag referring to your account, if you do not want to create your own, you can search for related ones, adapt it according to your business and when you create this hashtag try to put yourself in the position of your clients, so that when they use it they feel identified with your brand, then use this hashtag in each publication you make, this will be like your stamp on each photo and you can include it in your biography.

Make a contest with another account on Instagram

Another way to increase your followers is to sponsor a contest with another brand that is similar to your account and one of the options to participate is to follow you and follow the other account, also another option to participate can be using your brand’s tags and of course they like the photo where you are publishing the contest.

This will help you increase followers on Instagram, if the account with which you do the contest has many more followers than yours, is one of the best methods.

Keep your account active

use hashtag active
Without a doubt to increase your followers on Instagram you must keep your account active, this is done by posting daily photos and videos that keep your audience active and wanting to know more about your publications, make sure to put the hashtag of the day referring to your brand and the one that identifies your brand.

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