Smart Ways To Help You Gain Massive Following on Instagram

smart ways to gain massive instagram followers
Instagram is fast taking the center stage as a great platform for businesses to grow not only their client base and seal new deals but also trust and become closer to their fans. With about 800 million monthly users, there’s more to be gained from the platform.

Marketers are constantly seeking for better ways to leverage on Instagram following and create better visibility for their brands.

Here at Instagrowing, we’ve been experimenting with new ways to grow an average business Instagram account, and all the while, we’ve had so much fun doing it.

We’ve taken the time to further research for better ways to grow your following on Instagram. Here are 8 tactics we came up with. Read and use it to grow your Instagram followers with comfort.

1. Post Consistently

Study with a random 100,000 Instagram profiles in 2017 shows to our researchers the posting frequency on each account and how it affected the following of each account. The study revealed that constant posting positively affects the number of followers.

By this research, you can get twice your present number of followers and likes by moving on from posting once to at least six times per week. The rate can even go a much higher when you move to post more than once a day. Studies have shown that brands get the best results when involved in the regular flow of Instagram posts.

2. Try Videos

Although Instagram began as a photo-sharing network, it has grown over time to include more other media-sharing features. One of such features is videos. Brands can now use video, live video and Story to create more engaging posts that will bring more followers to their page.

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3. Use The High-Quality Hashtags

Hashtags are another features that brands are leveraging on to make their Instagram posts more engaging. The use of hashtags has become a thing overall social media platforms, but it seems that it works and fits better on Instagram. With the right hashtag, you can get a larger audience to view your photos.

4. Share User-Generated Content

Content means a lot in the journey to grow followers on Instagram or in fact any social media platform. We tried many experiments, and one of our findings was the huge impact of user-generated content to grow followers by a large extent.

The easiest method to think about when brands are trying out user-generated content us to feature the best user contents across the web on their social media, of course, give due credit to the original creator.

5. Collaborate With Others

Community efforts amount to better success than individual efforts. Collaborating with others can help push your Instagram followings beyond the limits. Collaboration could either be in the form of a partnership or a collaboration. Brands have been experimenting with this option, and to a large extent, a lot of them have been successful in bringing in new followers to their accounts.

6. Post at Your Best Times

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Timing is important in anything that involves growth. Although there is no universal best time to make Instagram posts, you have to understand that every brand has its unique features. In understanding Instagram’s algorithm, you’ll get to find out that timeliness of post means a lot in determining how users see it. To get your own best time, you have to study and know when users are most active. Here’s a simple way to know this.

  • Tap on your Instagram profile photo
  • Go to Instagram insights icon
  • Navigate to “Followers” section
  • Click on “see more”.
  • There, you’ll see the hour and day that your followers are most active.

7. Use Your Analytics

A great tip that has helped a lot of people grow Instagram following is the posting good quality content that followers can engage with. Remember that it’s not just about what you like, but about what your followers will like to read. You may be asking how you can know what your followers like. Don’t worry, Instagram insights come to the rescue again, helping you to know which post is viewed most or liked.

8. Engage Your Fans

Nothing beats making your actual and potential fans feel important simply for just following your posts. In fact, engagement is one of the top factors to be considered in determining how many people get to see your post. The more engagement each post has, the more people will want to stay on them. With a growing rate of engagement, your posts may even get featured in the top post of hashtags if you know how to play your engagement cards well.

There are hundreds of other tips that work for brands. What matters is knowing exactly what works for your business and going on with it. If it works once, then it is going to work again. You can trust Instagrowing to help you develop the best strategies that will be tailored specifically to your business.

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