Why You Should Invest in a Telegram Bot

why you should invest in a telegram bot
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Telegram increased its monthly active users (MAU) from 200 million to 400 million in just two years. The number highlights the rapid growth of the free cloud-based instant messaging service.

Although designed as a messaging app, Telegram is a popular tool among brands that are looking to elevate their customer support services (CSS). In line with this effort, entrepreneurs began using bots to get the most out of the IM platform.

If you are uncertain about using Telegram bots for your business, this short guide can help you make an informed decision. This article outlines several reasons why investing in Telegram bots is suitable for your company.

The Advantages of Investing in Telegram Bots

Telegram bots are accounts with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Organizations rely on digital solutions and software to operate their accounts.

With its AI features, a telegram bot can do pretty much anything. It can search, play, teach, remind, broadcast, connect, and integrate with other platforms.

Because of this wide range of capabilities, there is no shortage of business use cases for Telegram bot usage. Read on to know more about the benefits of using this new technology.

Predictive Features

Smart applications like Telegram bots can suggest products and services based on the prior requests of a particular user. They can start doing so after the bots learn enough about the customer’s previous wants and needs.

For example, a travel service provider has a customer who goes to Italy bimonthly for a year. After a few months, a Telegram bot can automatically offer information on room availability. It can also suggest restaurants and cafes near the destination.

Improved Engagement

If you are a business or brand, using a Telegram bot can be an effective asset for customer engagement. This statement is true, especially if your customers are active users of the app. The bots can provide engaging conversations using animated emojis, gifs, and stickers.

Enhanced Service

Chatbots are more cost-efficient compared to human representatives. Customers will also be more willing to interact with the bots since they can engage even in complex conversations.

Although the bots’ primary way to interact with users is through text, they can process other rich content, like images. This feature allows them to showcase products more effectively.

Prompt Feedback

Telegram bots also promote prompt customer feedback and support. Your buyers can use the app and talk to bots to reach you faster and with fewer hurdles.

This feature gives valuable data that can help you improve your Telegram business model. You can ask your customer if you want to get feedback about a new product or service.

With Telegram bots, you do not have to call customers at an inconvenient time to ask for feedback. You also do not have to send emails, which people can ignore if they choose.

Reduced Costs

Without Telegram bots, addressing customer requests can take a good chunk out of your company’s monthly budget. Automating this process can help your brand reduce customer service costs.

You can also use member management platforms, like OpenMember, to generate more revenue streams. With OpenMember, you can use a membership bot to monetize and create subscriptions for your Telegram groups.

Free Platform

Telegram is free regardless of the number of messages you send or receive and the usage purpose. Whether you are using it for professional or personal use, you can download the platform without paying.

Since it is free for users and businesses, Telegram allows brands to get potential customers if they use the platform effectively. In addition, companies can use the platform to establish their customer base by sharing newsletters and providing customer support on the app.

Depending on how you will use it, a Telegram bot can be a valuable tool that can help your brand. If you adopt the technology smartly, you can boost your brand’s customer engagement with no problems.

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