Beginning a Beautiful Wedding Business

starting a beautiful wedding business
Beautiful weddings never go out of style, and if you’re looking to cash in on your marketable talents or creative skills, there’s no shortage of opportunities to help prospective brides and grooms. While it may be a bit late to help out those June brides, fall is just around the corner, so follow these few steps and begin a beautiful wedding business of your very own.

Get started

A wedding planning or consultation business has few startup costs. As an independent adviser, you can work from the comfort of your home, using tools you already have like your computer and mobile phone. You will need some funds to purchase office supplies, like letterhead and business cards, and you will certainly want to consult an attorney like Aaron Kelly who can provide legal assistance for your ecommerce business by tailoring your website’s Terms of Service, developing basic contracts, and understanding the rules and regulations related to conducting online transactions.

Determine your market

Although wedding planning or consultation is often the first wedding business to come to mind, it is only one type of service required for a wedding. Brides will need to accomplish many tasks, including purchasing wedding attire, hiring a photographer, ordering flowers, picking a venue, getting a DJ or band, finding an officiant, making or buying party favors, and choosing a caterer. Each one of these needs involves a particular skill.  Evaluate your interests and abilities and compare those with each of the vendors these needs represent.

Get the word out

Developing a website is critical to the success of your wedding business. While word-of-mouth might be a boon at the beginning of your venture, your online presence will be critical to your business growth. Make sure that you keep photos of weddings you’ve been involved in, including but not limited to your business’s contributions. Your site should be well-designed, easy to navigate, and chock full of graphics that show what you know and what you’ve accomplished.
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Remember that your website is more than just a place for customers to book a consultation or get pricing. Use a blog to encourage readership. Brides love to read about successful weddings. Include links to other sites that provide resources for your brides, like an Azazie bridesmaid dress, suggestions for writing your vows, or share the latest and greatest wedding trends.  Keep written testimonials from previous clients, and be sure to include these somewhere on your site.

If you have certifications or professional memberships related to your field, be sure to make these available as well. Don’t forget to include your Twitter, Facebook, and other sites on your main website and on any paper products you use like letterhead and business cards.

Work with others

A wedding is a multi-faceted process, and no one works in isolation. Find others with whom you can share clients and referrals. If you plan to focus on flowers, you may want to find someone who makes cakes, as these two often go hand-in-hand, decoratively speaking. Often, businesses working together will offer discounted prices for brides who choose to use the services of vendors who are working in tandem. Find ways to simplify the payment processes for your customers as well, so they can write only one echeck, deal with only one contract, and keep in touch with only one contact, instead of two.

Make the most of your business plan

Even if you choose not to write a formal business plan, be sure to keep notes that detail your vision for your business, your target market, and how you intend to reach your demographic. Utilize online tools like Google Analytics that will help you focus your social media efforts to optimize your business reach. Have a realistic projection of how much you’ll make, and consider how you will compete with your local competitors. Be sure to identify business expenses that include supplies, insurance, business permits, inventory, or anything else you will need.
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Getting started and taking that leap of faith can be the hardest part. If you’ve wanted to start a wedding business but weren’t sure how, take a good look at your areas of strength and dive into a new adventure. Being your own boss and determining your schedule, as well as capitalizing on your creativity can be an exciting venture! There’s nothing stopping you!

What are some suggestions you have for creating a successful wedding business? Have you seen unique wedding business ideas you can share? Share your thoughts on building a beautiful wedding business in the comments.

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