Top 10 List Small Business Ideas in 2018

In today’s world, every person wants to become financially self-independent, so people try different platforms in which they excel. And if one does not have any other preference or idea to start with, that person can think about small business.

Many people believe that business is not their cup of tea. They think that only rich and experienced people can start a successful business. But in actual life, there are a lot of great examples who began as ordinary people. Still, with their innovative ideas and passion for doing something today, they are known by everyone, and their business comes to the top of the list of the most famous and profitable businesses.
top 10 list small business ideas in 2018Here are the ideas of some small businesses that anyone can start with. These ideas can help you to become a good entrepreneur.

    1. Event planning business: People have different dreams for their future, and the event planner job is one of the most preferred jobs among today’s generation. The event planning business industry is booming day by day all over the world. And even this business is not so tough to start; it just needs a little work and some exciting and unique skills to bring it to the top. You can even check out Journal Review – Business Idea for more such significant ideas.No doubt, organizing, and planning are crucial for this. In addition, if you want people to take you seriously, you must have some working experience with you. This is because your client would see that you must have some experience, and you’re legitimate for this. To get a start on your work, you can volunteer to plan your family function, some friends’ wedding functions, or any charity-based events.
    2. Creating personal blogs:  If you are thinking of a small work-from-home business that can be a pleasing blend of passion with profit, then you can consider writing your blogs. You can start writing blogs anytime and on anything you want to write on, but it is preferable to write only on topics you are familiar with; it will help you get more traffic. Because the more you have traffic, the more you will get potential profit. It’s straightforward to work on blogs only because you need a passion for writing.
    3. Become an SEO expert: Most people think that SEO is complicated and not easy to do; they believe that they can’t do it. But the reality is that it is straightforward and not much complex. An average person can become a skilled SEO expert within a few months.Many companies are desperate for SEO experts and are ready to pay a heavy amount for those who can provide them with good quality service; however, you have to keep in mind that in this field, you need to be updated about new developments because this industry is constantly changing.
    4. Start a travel guide business: If one loves to travel can also consider the company of a travel guide as it is one of the most fun options. This type of business favors and suites extrovert person who loves to travel. The startup costs of this business cannot be too high, as you’re just selling your knowledge about a particular geographical area. For starting this business, you must be located where lots of things are there to explore; if you are in an area where there is not a lot going on, then choosing this field of business might not be good. Once your business gets a good start, then you can hire more workers who are interested in this field to help you scale your business.
    5. Web development business: if you plan to do something new and valuable, then you have an excellent option to do web development. It is effortless to learn, and this field even doesn’t have much competition with each other. This business is very profitable, and If one knows how to develop a good and attractive website, you already have an enormous advantage to earn. Pre-published tools like Wix, strikingly, and WordPress are the tools that can quickly help you to develop a website. The startup cost for this business is almost nothing because it just requires an internet connection. It’s a great business to start with; you only need strong networking skills along with top-notch customer services.

food truck business

  1. Food bus business: a lot of foodies love to have fast food, so this small business is the best one can consider. Starting a company with a food truck is accessible and cheaper than starting a restaurant. It is a business that is very easy to scale. Food trucks/buses are popping up everywhere because they are profitable and easy to start with. For this business, you need a few certifications mandatory for starting this food business.
  2. Craft brewery business: Nowadays almost every person has a beer-drinking habit and loves to have it, and there are many beers on the market. Starting your brewery is an excellent option if you are a beer-type person with a passion for Ales to Lagers. The startup cost will depend upon the scale of your business.
  3. Electronics repair business: if you have the technical knowledge and are familiar with various electrical brands and models, then you can plan to have a small business in electronic repair. Technically, to operate your business, you don’t need a storefront but to be more professional, you must think of it.
  4. Resume writing business: Writing a resume nowadays is a big problem for people it’s not easy to write a resume, and people are ready to pay a high amount for writing their best quality resume. If you have this art of writing resumes, you can consider it a profitable small business option. It doesn’t take much to start, and the startup cost is also low. You need to automatically provide people with the best resumes to recommend you to others.
  5. Dropshipping business:  Drop shipping is always a good option for small businesses, especially now in online shopping. It’s effortless to get started with the company. You’ll sell the products online without worrying about storing inventory and shipping. You will be selling the development of other brands. You have to notify them, and they will deliver the product to the buyer. You will earn your commission based on your selling. The only thing you need in this industry is a good supplier and third-party seller, which is very hard to get because there are a lot of scam artists in this field.


Selecting a small or big business is a tough and challenging task, and once you choose it, you can’t back out from it significantly when you have invested a lot of money. So think hard about your choice and first do proper research about the same before making a decision.

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