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October Road Map – What’s coming this month?

[pthumb][/pthumb]Hi peeps, just want to say thank you for all the downloads, visits and couple of donations comings from all over the place since Dezzain re-open and refresh the site back in April 2013. A lot had been going on around these time, I’ve released a new WordPress Theme with BuddyPress, Woocommerce and BBpress native compatible which now reached almost 20,000 downloads from the site and WordPress Themes Directory combine. It is a satisfying results for me. (more…)

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New Beginning for Dezzain in 2013

By: Toms Bau?is

Just when you thought the site are dead and not updated since 2011, I’m back for more development for I started the site and used it as my personal blog back in 2006 but been caught up in busy schedule in works and family feud 🙂 nevertheless i’m happy to getting back on blogging and writing some tutorials on wordpress, buddypress or even rant on how my life going, its more interesting that way.

Will i release more Free WordPress or BuddyPress Themes?
well with all the latest free wordpress and buddypress themes out there with all their fancy ui, theme options, shortcode, 1 millions options to tweak your designs. The competition are very wide. Will see how the development goes but don’t worry i will definitely release 1-2 free themes soon. (more…)

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