Big Typography Headline – Ultimate Headline Solution

ok first who didn’t love a clear and bold headline. Headline is one of most important element in your web design and optimize a headline and content difference may seems easy to some but it is usually hard to master and blend with design and typograhy styling.

Those Who Define Great Usage Of Headline Typography


simpnosis: i love typography is one of most define typography headline website. In their case, the site originally focused on typography element and designs in web design so it automatically make them a guru in that field. Some element i love in the site are the great usage of low and high font style. Some designer may ignore the used of class span style to beautify their font style, i love typograhy sure get it done, notice the different styling of post dates and comment counts also don’t forget the simple intro line beneth each title “headline” that really struck at simple and attractive presentation.


simpnosis: Freelanceswitch pound the best in page presentation for me after it redesign. Why you may asked? First thing would be the great title font “bold, solid yet stylish”, good use of bold text in content and also content headline tag (h3,h4 etc). nothing beats when you yourself reading a post without wiping your eyes for sore text presentation 🙂 Also a inline align images that associated with post also give the lift up when presenting their readers on what are the post about..of course don’t forget the cute illustrator guys flying around the site so is there any hair style changed in the future for them? “just curious”..haha


simpnosis: ok who will missed smashing magazine when come to headline presentation 🙂 The smashing team really put in great work on how to present their readers a nice and flexible reading. Just the fact that their site structures are fluid, it gave them an advantage for global readers with different kind of screen resolution. Bold links sure give visitors a feels to click on any links on the site 🙂 One the best element is Smashing magazine will be the inner headline or content headline (h3,h4 etc) . Sub headline inside the post are very important when you need to grid out your sub discussion inside a similiar post. Here are example of a very well written post with different inner headline. As you can see “what’the point?”, “the advantage and disadvantage?” element really make it a step level reading and reader will enjoy and “Get To The Point” without scanning the whole content at once.

Ok We Almost Done Here

awright here are just sample out of many site that still uncovered so next time be sure to make your headline title 200% larger that your content text 🙂 and thus that will really give your title a boost..just another 2 cents here…shooot!

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