Creating a Recognizable Brand Logo

creating-a-recognizable-brand-logoA brand logo is the visual recognition element that consumers use to identify your company. It is important to have a website logo design created that matches the general brand logo as consistency is necessary for brand recognition and niche dominance. Select a logo design company that has created logos for industry leaders as this shows that their designers know how to help brands stand out in a crowd of competitors.

Associate the Image with the Industry

A strong brand logo begins with associating the company name with the industry. It does not have to be a direct reference, as abstract references often make a brand memorable. The logo is how consumers visually identify your company while browsing content online and in local travels.

For a company in the technology field, a science-related image is ideal, as an example. Those in construction, landscaping or botany should use imagery that follows suit with that type of work. In some cases, a company prefers to use just their name or company initials. This is great when other businesses in the same industry do not use the same acronym for their logo. Always ask the logo designer to view the logos of other businesses in the same industry to prevent similarity in logo design.

Make it Distinguishable from the Competition

Your logo cannot look too much like another. This is for legal purposes as well as to prevent brand confusion. A consumer has to be able to look at your logo and say to themselves “That’s such and such company”. To help you get the most powerful logo designed possible, look at companies that have been around for decades. Their logos are easily recognized and consumers know exactly what company it is.

Standalone Logos

A logo has to stand alone. What that means is that many mobile applications only use a brand logo for identification purposes. Your company’s logo has to be strong enough in design that it will not cause confusion. If you are using a mobile application to find the cheapest gas, as an example, only fuel company logos are used. These logos are easily recognized so consumers know exactly what fuel stations in the area have low fuel prices.

Simplicity is best

Keep the logo design simple. Logos that are too bright, have too many colors, or just have too much going on confuse consumers. Keep the design clean by using simple lines and maybe one or two colors. This straight forward approach tends to give brands more exposure and helps bring those companies to the forefront in an industry for niche dominance and a prominent presence within an industry.

Work with a company that provides multiple logo options. This helps you look at the designs and decide if one of them is the image that you want to represent your brand or if a few elements from several designs should be combined into the design. It is important to have exactly what you want right from the start. Of course, re-branding can take place later, but this can leave consumers confused. Tell the designer exactly what you want and what you envision representing the brand to ensure the best options are returned.

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