How to Make Your Brand Impressive With Custom Logo Design

how-to-make-your-brand-impressive-with-custom-logo-designWant to know how a custom logo can drive success for your brand? First, let’s look into what makes a good logo. In an article from Just Creative, there are five principles of effective logo design. These are: appropriate, versatile, timeless, memorable and simple. Let’s discuss each one.

Appropriate: a logo design must match your company’s character, its personality. It’s more than an image rendered in your company colors. It has to convey your brand values too. So if you manufacture toys, then colorful fonts or playful touches in your logo can also speak for the playful spirit you come to work with every day.

Versatile: your logo can stand be viewed from one medium to another without problems. Can you print it in monochrome without the design losing any of its power? Will the logo survive if you adjust its size to a postage stamp? It should.

Timeless: Don’t go for trendy styles. Logos must last the test of time. If you want your brand, your business, to last, then you’ve got to design a logo that communicates that. How do you know which designs are timeless in their appeal? The real answer: you don’t. Only time will tell which styles survive and which ones go by the wayside. You can, however, check logo designs that have endured through the ages. Coca cola’s simple, cursive script comes to mind. Find timeless logos in the industry you work in. See what qualities, what styles they share and build on that.

Memorable: What makes people remember? It’s when something they see resonates with them. It may be because they saw something remarkable, outrageous or simply unique. Your logo design should exhibit the same qualities. Just make sure that the logo, while memorable, still connects to the brand. Some of the best ads in the world often left people no clue as to what products were being sold or what services were being offered. In the book, Purple Cow, by Seth Godin, he mentions that some of the best marketing jingles, like Coca-Cola’s “I’d like to teach the world to sing” failed to sell one more bottle of Coke. That said, it’s not mere awareness or the ability to be memorable that matters. The point is to be memorable and spot-on, at the same time. To connect to the target market in a way that brings the brand, front and center in their minds.

Simple: The simpler your logo design is, the better people can remember it. In an article on the Entrepreneur site, the writer quotes Jonah Berger when he says, “The easier it is to process things, the more we like those things.” Berger is the author of the book Contagious: Why Things Catch On. He’s also the Campbelll Associate Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.He adds, “A good way to think about simplicity is how many moving pieces are there in the logo.” So keep that in mind when you settle on a final design. Too many elements, whether this means too much color or font styles or even art styles, can overwhelm the logo. This can skew the message, the meaning, of the logo—and of your brand—in the worst way. So keep it simple.

Your logo should deliver on all of these. If it does, then you’ve got an excellent one on your hands. Here’s what a great logo can do for your brand:

Brand recall: If your brand is memorable, along with your products and services, then you won’t have to spend thousands creating and sustaining brand recognition in the market. Every year, businesses all the world over spend thousands just to gain exposure for their products, to get their target audience to pay attention. Lack of consumer interest can kill a brand. So if your brand recall is strong, then your sales stand a bigger chance of thriving than your competition.

Great first impression: In a piece posted on the Business 2 Community site, one of the major advantages that web design services can offer your business—and that includes logo making—is being able to leave clients with a great first impression. A professional-looking logo inspires confidence in the abilities of the people that run it.

Consumer trust: One other advantage of having a great logo is consumer trust. A superior logo enhances your brand’s reputation and credibility. This makes people more inclined to trust you and your company, makes them think it’s better to send their business your way—leaving plenty of your competition in the dust.

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