Killer Tips to Design a Timeless Logo for Your Brand – Key to Attracting Customers

killer-tips-to-design-a-timeless-logo-for-your-brand-key-to-attracting-customersBeing a web designer, you must be of the opinion that designing and creating a logo for your website is a simple job! Although most web designers bear the same notion about logo designing but in reality there’s much more to crafting the visual identity of a brand than just placing the name of your company within a box and calling it a logo. The first impression of a company is its logo and it can have a direct impact on the perception of the brand by the customer and will also influence the buying decisions of the customer to some extent. For all those web designers who are about to start your brand designing journey, there are some killer logo designing tips for you to consider.

  • Being clever and unique is the trick: A logo is an image which helps people distinguish a particular brand from its competitors and hence it is vital for the image to stand out in the crowd. When it comes to designing a logo, imitating is most often considered as the purest form of flattery but it is not so. It is important for you to create and design something that you personally believe is different from anything out there in the market. Creating a unique logo isn’t always about avoiding imitation but it is rather about designing out of the box.
  • Comprehend the brand and its purpose: A logo might come in the form of an image but it is primarily an introduction to the corresponding brand. When designing a logo, you should keep in mind that you need to reach target audience. Jot down what you personally think about the brand and the ideology of the same. Research some other similar brands but don’t take inspirations literally. Consider whether or not the brand is utility-driven or whether it concentrates on evoking some kind of emotion. Is it quirky or contemporary? These are some points to consider.
  • Choosing the right color is important: When you take into account the personality of the brand, you need to think of every aspect of the image. Choosing the most appropriate color is the key to logo designing. Every color has its own implication and choosing the wrong color for the wrong brand can spread a wrong message to the audience. Know the quick meanings and significances of each color.
  • Everything is in the name: A logo usually consists of two elements, says a web designer of LogoArena. A symbol and a wordmark form a logo. If you only consider representing your brand through a symbol, you need to focus on a lot of advertising like Mercedes and Starbucks. Instead, to keep it cost-effective, you may stick to a Logotype like Coca Cola, Ray Ban and IBM. A logotype is a viable option if your company has got a unique name.
  • Don’t predict instant success: Currently popular logos like Audi, Nike and Puma took a lot of time to be well-recognized. Even when you’ve designed some of the best combination of images and designs, don’t expect to gain instant popularity. Logos never become iconic instantly. It entirely depends on the success of the product and the market in which it exists.

For the novices and the inexperienced web designers, sites like LogoYes and Logomaker have interfaces which are pretty user-friendly and easy-to-use. However, designing a logo on your own without taking help of such sites are anytime a better alternative.

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