Expecting Baby: 10 Must Have Newborn Baby Clothing and Accessories

must have newborn baby clothing accessories
There are numerous things that you need to do when getting ready for your baby’s arrival. Shopping for newborn baby clothes and accessories is one of those essential things that no parent can omit. From finding the right nursery to assembling the right tools for sleeping, diapering and having meals, it is easy to stay busy when gathering baby essentials. Here is a list of 10 must-have baby clothes and accessories that should be in the wardrobe of every new arrival:

10 must-have baby clothes and accessories

  1. Sleep accessories – these may include washable mattress pads, crib sheets, light and heavy blankets and lots of other things that form part of the baby bedding and are aimed at making the newborn baby cozy and comfortable;
  2. One-piece outfits – some of these are available for both playing and sleeping. They are super cozy and have handy zips in the front that simplify the process of changing clothes and diapers;
  3. Shirts and bodysuits – you can find these clothes in the collections of such respectable brands as Emily et Rose and Ancar among others. Choose the ones that have snaps at the neckline to slip the things easily over your kid’s head;
  4. Comfy pants – these are meant to make the process of changing dirty clothes a lot easier as you will not have to switch the entire outfit;
  5. External layers – these include sweatshirts and fleece clothing that are very easy to put on and will not be difficult to take off;
  6. Headwear and mittens – when choosing baby accessories, the most important thing is to keep your baby’s head and hands protected during hot summer days. That’s why mittens and hats would come in very handy when looking for baby clothes for your child;
  7. must have newborn baby clothing accessories 2

  8. Socks and booties – it is also necessary to choose the right indoor and outdoor booties and socks for wearing outside and at home;
  9. Pajamas and sleepers – these are essential things for dressing your baby for the bedtime. They allow ensuring baby’s safety and complete comfort. Avoid buying sleepwear that is too difficult to put on because it might be inconvenient;
  10. Undershirts – these should have snaps at the neckline or a wide opening for the head to make the process of dressing easy and stress-free;
  11. Bottles and dummy gift sets – these are another type of essentials that every parent should think of when expecting a baby. The best-quality ones are available in the collections of gucci baby clothes, Boss, Papermoon clothing and many other designer brands.

Final conclusion

must have newborn baby clothing accessories 3
As a final tip, it is worth considering that some newborn babies never need the newborn sizes of clothing, but it is always difficult to make predictions beforehand, so that it will never hurt buying a few of the baby essentials in advance to keep them at hand just in case. It’s also worth having a couple of outfits of the next size because babies grow really quickly. A good way out would be to use baby boutique online because this way you’ll have the right size at a minimal price. This will help you to avoid unnecessary costs and still get what you need with ease.

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