Your Logo – The Heart of Your Business

You don’t know how to get a logo for less than an arm and a leg.

There are multiple ways you can have your own unique logo for less than you think.

Every blog needs a logo just for street cred.

Are you a blogger without a logo because you didn’t know where to start? This article will fix that.

In these crazy days where people only scan instead of reading and everything needs to be visual you need a logo more than ever before. A logo goes a long way towards making your site instantly identifiable. There is no excuse for not having one; you won’t need to sell any body parts either.

Here are 5 ways you can go about getting a website logo.

Hire an Expert

If you want a hand-crafted logo, with your own exclusive font then the only way is to hire a designer. Good designers are in high demand and don’t come cheap. You need personal recommendations rather than web searches to find a designer you can trust because the standard terms of business include a 50% non-refundable deposit. You need to know that the guy is not going to take your money and run. Always look for recommendations and 4+ review stars portfolio.

Logo Design Contest Sites

Running a logo design contest is the perfect solution if you don’t know what you want. Yes, you still have to fill in a detailed design brief with the ideas that you do have and to exclude your definite dislikes, but that is only fair to the designers who are going to put their time into entering their designs for your contest.

Every logo contest has its own procedures but they are all similar in most respects.


Screenshot source

You fill in a brief, decide the level of service you require, pay the contest fee, screen applications, decide on the winner and gain access to files. The winning designer is only paid by the contest site when you are happy with every aspect of the design.

Professional logo designs from Designhill and similar sites far exceed the quality of generic designs from low-cost freelance sites. You pay more but you get higher-level design skills and far more imaginative designs.

Online Logo Makers

You can use online logo design software for free. This usually includes downloading a HTML link to your design.


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Free logos from LogoMaker is typical of the way these sites work. The interface is snappy, allowing you to change colors, rearrange logo components and insert text. When your design is complete you get an HTML snippet that you paste into your site design. The code links to the image on LogoMaker’s server and inserts your logo image into your site. If you want downloadable files then you need to pay for them.

Using code rather than an image on your own server will usually slow down your site’s load time. If you want to use your logo for business cards, letter heads or posters you will need to download the image files in the right format.

Downloadable Logo Makers

You can download software and run it on your own computer.

Logo Design Studio-1431080208

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Logo Design Studio is typical of this genre. You can use the included icons or your own images, add text, rotate and resize to your heart’s content. It is great for simple logos, but does not give you the inspirational designs that bloggers are usually looking for.

Freelance Sites

You can find a designer on who will give you two designs for $5.50. You get $5.50 worth of design; no less and certainly no more. You will get a better design than DiY software can give you. The designs you get will be fine for a first-time blog, but they will lack the professional touch that a more skilled designer can add.


Your logo will be the face of your business. It will be the image that people remember and will appear on your website, emails and business cards.

You need to decide how much your future business image is worth. Nobody wants to spend money without good reason, but sometimes you have to spend more than you would like.

There are some very low-cost options available for logo design, but you get what you pay for in this life. DiY design software and $5 freelancers will give you designs that are obviously basic and low cost. Why would others invest in your services if you don’t have the confidence to invest in a professionally designed logo? They wouldn’t.

Logo design contests and individual designers will give you high quality design ideas, unlimited tweaks and original images rather than stock ones. They cost more, but with a logo, image is everything.

Your Input

Have you had a logo redesign recently? What method did you choose? Did it work out? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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