5 Helpful ACT Test Prep Websites

5 helpful act test prep websites
ACT – a thing that every student feels stressed about and for a reason. After all, the results of this test can be determined for your potential admission to a college or university. The stress is understandable. That is why students are so serious about preparing for this sort of event in their lives. Preparing by yourself is quite complicated and often confusing, so often, it is better to ask for someone’s help with that task.

That is where online test preparation websites come into play. These online services are just a gem! Basically, you find a course that suits you, find a comfortable format, form a schedule, and prepare for the ACT. This is very convenient in every possible way; what is more, you are going to be guided by professionals!

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There are lots of different test prep websites out there, that’s a fact. That is why it is so easy to get confused by all the options available online. So, I highly advise you to visit a review website to find the best online ACT test prep courses. Review website is the best destination to look for those, as you can find customer ratings and generalized summaries of what to expect from each ACT preparation service. After doing my research, I decided to you with a list of 5 helpful ACT test prep websites.

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This service is considered to be one of the top ones available out there. It is required to notice that Magoosh is a great choice for students who want to study at their own pace while having actual results! This website allows you to manage schedule, get access to high-quality learning materials, track your personal progress, and even get some of that real ACT experience through practice. The last part is especially sweet, as many websites suggest taking practice tests. Lots of value for great pricing, although no private tutoring.


Yet another helpful resource for you to consider when preparing for the ACT. I would say that it is quite similar to the first entry in my list. First of all, this prep website features exclusively online preparation and, more importantly, private tutoring. Secondly, PrepScholar provides access to lots of learning materials, studying programs, strategies for the ACT, and more. I personally find the strategies to be very interesting as while you can find lots of tips online, there is always some very useful know-how. However, all these sweet features come for a considerable price, which is understandable.

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This entry in my list is considered to be one of the greatest prep websites for your high ACT score. Where do I start? Kaptest is quite affordable and regularly provides those sweet discounts. You can also have an introductory tour before making any purchase decision, which I find great. The resource provides lots and lots of study material that will be highly useful for your preparation. Self-paced studying, live online tutoring, pre-recorded material – plenty of picks to choose from.

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Yet another ACT prep resource worthy your attention. The company offers lots of great resources to prepare for your exams. I should also highlight the fact that PrincetonReview is emphasizing the creation of a personalized plan for every customer, which is very interesting and important. Why important? Well, scientific research shows that personalized learning can be way more effective than the classic trope with lectures and stuff. That is why I consider that the availability of online education and in-person preparation with a tutor is a big plus for this ACT prep site. Still, all the sweet features and benefits come at a considerable price, but that is only natural.


The last entry in my list is kind of different. First of all, this resource is all about professionalism, and you can choose from several learning plans. Bootcamp is an intensive program, coaching program features a weekly meeting, and coaching plus features two weekly meetings. Secondly, Testive offers only tutor-guided programs, which I find awesome as working with a real person, a professional, is very reassuring and effective. The pricing policy of this website is somewhere in the middle.


As you can see, there are lots of great services for your ACT prep. You won’t be left alone to study, and my list of ACT prep websites is likely to feature some company to your taste. All of my picks have top-quality learning materials, study programs, and offer flexibility and variety for the students. So, good luck with your preparation and study hard!

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