Basic Requisites To Become A Data Scientist

how to become a data scientistScience has always been an interesting subject of interest. Data science in particular, is an altogether different stream that is aimed at assisting in marketing strategies. Most of the firms and companies plan their campaigns on the basis of reports generated by data scientists. Apart from this, various recommendations, price comparisons, image recognition and brand image are also managed by means of data science.

To become a data scientist in an organization means that you are entrusted with the job of collecting, analyzing, managing and deriving conclusions from the extracted data. The field is quite comprehensive as it requires you to keep track of a lot of things at the same time. The prime objective of collecting and working on the data is to formulate strategical conclusions that are elemental to the growth of the company.

Know about data scientist

The importance of data science is ever increasing these days as a result of the cut throat competition in the industry. Data scientists are required to maintain their own workbooks for the purpose of collecting and managing multiple data models. Due to increase in the number of firms with each passing day, the demand for data scientists is also increasing proportionately. This paves way for an interesting career option for people who are interested in the field. So, if you have an inclination towards the subject and would like to explore the field, we have the right program for you.

The data science masters program develops your skills as a data scientist making you experienced in tools, systems and processes that are used by professionals in data science. The training includes subjects like statistics, python, data science, SQL, tensorflow and tableau and the syllabus is designed in a manner to gain deep insights about the field along with developing skills to solve practical problems in real life. However, if you are still confused about whether or not to choose the field, here are certain skills that are basic requisites of a data scientist that will help you make a decision:
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  • Deftness in programming – The company for which you are going to work for will require you to have detailed knowledge of programming languages like python and R. apart from this, you also need to be well versed in SQL which is the language designed and used for the purpose of management of data.  For becoming an expert data scientist, this is the basic requirement as it helps you gain technical insights of the topic.
  • Machine learning methods – A data scientist has to be skilled in machine learning methods and this becomes even more important if you are working in a company where the product is data driven like a mobile app or movie streaming app. Hence, the knowledge of these aspects is really important to become an expert in algorithms and functioning of the system.
  • Data munging – As a data scientist, you will have to prepare yourself for the fact that the data that you receive will not be perfect to suit your requirements. It is your job to convert the raw information into a well-organized database from where it becomes useful for analysis. A data scientist has to be perfect in correcting the imperfections like missing values, problems in formatting, etc.
  • Statistical knowledge – An important and integral part of the data science is to have perfect knowledge of statistics because that is something which is functional to your job. A data scientist must be familiar with various aspects of statistics which involves interpretation of graphs and working with numbers to derive vital conclusions.

Thus, in order to become a data scientist, one needs to have a thorough knowledge of the subject which can be achieved by means of data science master’s program.

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