4 Helpful Tips on Email Campaign Personalization

4-helpful-tips-on-email-campaign-personalizationDo you want your service or business to get all the right type of public attention? Just add the touch of personalization in your email messages so that the user is enticed to sign up for your business. While doing so, remember that the creation of personalized emails is a tricky process. As such, you can only have perfection in it if you want to understand your recipient’s perspectives about your products or services.

Here are some tips that will help you in better managing your email personalization efforts:

1. Include a Personal Address in the Email

This is a very simple and easy way for you to add a personal touch to your email message. So, instead of sending the mail from your company’s address, make the sender a person from your marketing team. Additionally, include the sender’s email signature and photo to the email’s body. This will give the impression that an actual person took his time to create the message. As such, it will have more chances of generating a response.

2. Use the Full Name of the Recipient in Your Email Messages

Instead of using “Hi Customer,” “Dear Subscriber” or “To [FirstName]”, use the person’s full name. If the person has filled out your forms, you should have his email address and full name, right? So, make the best use of this information.

Here is another thing that may help, if you know the designation or post of your recipient, add it. For example, the person you are sending an email to is a doctor. If you know this, it is better to mention it. Similarly, you can choose to use titles such as Engineer, Manager, and Executive and so forth. This way, your recipient will feel the urge of opening the email even more.

3. Personalize your Campaign and Segment your Email Database

According to the latest data from EPiServer, around 14% of marketers have stated that personalized email campaigns produce a better rate of response, as compared to mass-market campaigns. So, just ask yourself, do you want to produce a better response from your current email campaigns? If Yes then start by segmenting your email list.

There are several ways for doing this, although a very simple way would be to segment via marketing persona. For e.g. if you have recognized three distinct marketing personas that build your perfect customers, segment your existing list into three separate portions. Afterwards, personalize the message separately in each portion by using the language that can best generate a response from that specific persona.

Furthermore, you can also avail the services of a Drag‘n’Drop editor as it will assist your overall campaign efforts.

4. Create targeted landing pages

In many cases, businesses do not have the resources to generate content that can separately target each of its customer personas. In any such case, the business should make targeted landing pages for different offers.

Thereafter, all that business needs to do is to customize the messaging and language in its landing pages. Do this in a way so that the message addresses the needs of each specific segment.

The tips above will help you personalize your email campaigns better, especially if they are associated with mobile marketing. If you need more information on this topic then contact email marketing professionals such as Mailigen.

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