5 Design Tips to Make Your App a Success

5 design tips to make your app a successDid you know that the reason why many apps fail is due to poor design? It is a common mistake of many app developers to pour so much time and effort in developing a unique app they think will be a huge success that they overlook the importance of creating a quality app design that will appeal to their target market.

With that in mind, the following are 5 design tips that can help you find success with your mobile application.

Know your users

If you want to create an effective app user interface (UI), you need to know who is your target audience. What is their age range? What is their preferred language? What operating system(s) do they use the most? When would they be most likely to use your app? To what type of rewards and incentives do your users respond? The more you know about the consumers to whom you want to appeal, the stronger more relevant and more effective your mobile app design will be.

Keep it simple

Your app must be useable and it needs to give users fast access to what they want, otherwise they will drop your app like a bad habit and head to the competition. Your app needs to be easy to use and it needs to make sense. Do not try to wow your users with a flashy design. Most people just want to achieve their end goal as quickly as possible. Your objective is to create a memorable experience that is also comfortable, convenient and familiar.

Make it enjoyable

How much pleasure users get out of using your app is just as important as how easy it is to use. You need to capture their attention and their interest to make your app memorable and to keep them coming back. Not sure how to best appeal to your target audience? You can easily find 30+ app design tools and more. There are plenty of resources and ideas out there to give you ideas compatible with your app’s purpose.

Finger-friendly design

Keep in mind that finger tips are not small, so you don’t want to make action buttons that are so small users have a difficult time interacting with your app. On the flip side of the coin, you don’t want to make them too large so that users won’t see them as an action.

Have users test your design

Don’t assume that your users understand how your app works or that they intend to use it as you do. It is important to have a user testing phase of your app that involves both your peers and especially those whom you believe are the most likely to use the application. It’s all but guaranteed that they will attempt to use your app in ways that you never considered. Armed with the knowledge of your target users’ experiences with your app, you will be able to make user-friendly improvements to your design that will most appeal to your audience.

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