Branding 101: Online and Offline Tips for Success

branding 101 online and offline tips for success
Branding is one of the most important design strategies you can make for your business. If your branding efforts look like multiple different brands you are not going to have that unity necessary to build the loyalty you need to thrive.

It can feel difficult to match the design and feel of your website to a brick-and-mortar store and vice versa, but with these top branding tips you’ll be geared for success in no time:

Online Tips for Success

Online there are a few tips that will help you succeed:

Optimize Your Website

Your branding efforts are going to be wasted unless your website is easy to use and free of issues. If it is hard to checkout or even just search for an essential piece of information, like a price, then customers can get frustrated. If they become frustrated they are going to associate you, and your branding efforts, with that negative experience.

invest in new marketing tools

Invest in New Marketing Materials

Always invest in new marketing materials. The only things that should stay timeless are your logo. Everything else should carry the same feel, but they need to be updated. This is for your customers’ benefit and to improve your ranking on search engines.

Use an Organic Approach to Social Media

Social media should be social. Don’t be afraid to share user generated content or to spend a bit more time actually engaging with your customers. Simply by finding your product online you can connect with customers and improve repeat sales with just a few clicks.

Offline Tips for Success

Continue your branding efforts outside with these tips:

Use Your Store Like Road-Side Advertising

Your store will be near a road or a parking lot. People will be passing by. If you want to entice people inside then you need to use your exterior like a billboard. It should be attractive, people should know what you sell from the outside, and you should offer incentives to come inside.

store sign to attract customers
You can do this through signs, window decals, flags and so much more. Don’t be upset if customers don’t immediately flock, either. The point is to become the go-to destination for your product or service so that when they are looking for what you sell, they go to you first.

Think On the Go

If you have company vehicles and are not advertising your business then you are missing out on a massive opportunity. Vehicle wraps are like mobile billboards, and if you can install or deliver a product to one neighborhood then you will have a better chance at successfully advertising to their neighbors later on, as they will have seen someone they know use your services.

Think About the Overall Experience

Branding shouldn’t be seen as just physical marketing materials. How your customers feel when they use your brand is just as important. Consider adding new services and improving your customer service to reinforce your branding. After all, you don’t want your logo to elicit negative emotions. You want to positively reinforce your logo with a great experience.

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