How to Be as Efficient as a Machine While Learning Math Online?

Here’s how you master the art of numbers without even breaking a sweat and not leaving the comfort of your couch. Brace yourselves – math is coming!

Here’s How You Study Math Online Like A Pro!

how to be as efficient as a machine while learning math onlineMath is not a science. Math isn’t a mindset. Math is not the state of one’s brain. Being good at it is nothing but skill. Put enough work into it, flex that muscle often enough, and voila – you get it. What’s even better is that numbers don’t really have any depth. They are not literature or art. If you get them you get them. Period.

This brings us to an interesting conclusion – an intense mathematical workout will pay off with knowledge you can later use for the rest of your life. Or until two times two is still four. Let’s be serious here – we are talking on a scale of from today to forever right now. Neat, right?

You can become your best online math tutor or you can call for help from assistance – it matters little. The process is still the same!

Start small – become a great student

How hard can it be? Well, you can trust me on this one – being a great student is a complex chore not fit for just anybody. And I’m not just talking about math right now. Being a student is hard by default. Why? Because it takes discipline!

  • First of all, you will have to show up for your digital class. Always. Regardless of the chores and responsibilities, you may otherwise have – the classroom is sacred. That noted you have to come on time every time without skipping a second. If you are studying alone this approach will train your discipline. If you are studying with a teacher via Skype – you won’t miss the intro to your class and you won’t steal time from other students in line after you.
  • Secondly, you will have to do your homework. It’s tough and even boring at times and yet you are still obligated, committed to the cause. On that note, it is better to finish assignments on the very first day, straight after receiving them, while the knowledge from the lesson is still fresh in your head.
  • Lastly, you are obligated to work with the teacher. You have to be active. Do not fear to ask for questions and/or explanations while on Skype. Google up the stuff you don’t get if you study alone or are following a digital course.

Basics are there for a reason

There might be a topic you are generally interested in more than the others like Einstein’s Relativity Theory or the Games Theory used to solve puzzles of human emotion with calculations alone (and it works) or, perhaps, you want to get good for counting odds or cards while hitting the jackpot in a casino. Whatever the case – you have to start with the basics to get the whole picture. There’s an adequate flow for absolute beginners. Feel free to hop on at any stage.

Here it goes:

  • These are the basics of counting, common math, drills, and puzzles. Or, in simple words, these are the tasks used for overall understanding of the concepts. Say Billy had five apples and gave three to Sally. These are the kinds of basics I am talking about right now. Without them further progress is useless.
  • Pre-algebra. This is where the fun starts with decimal and fractions. You will have to study ratios and proportions, solve square roots, and get acquainted with statistics. This is, by the way, the level most people who are not relying on math in their work should feel pretty fine with.
  • Advanced Algebra I. Linear equations, exponents, Game theory, as well as Relativity theory, are explained in this course. Sure they are basic as for now but enough to gamble a bit with profits earned on your bank account over time.
  • Why? Because it will be popping up on SAT, ACT, and GRE tests later on. I don’t see any other use for geometry, really.
  • Algebra II. This course simply adds more depth to all concepts you’ve learned before and is really cool to toy around with. Although this level of knowledge is used by professors as well as hardcore, bearded, cat-owning geeks. You probably don’t need to bother.
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