How To Really Make Money From Your Website

how to really make money from your website
Generating income through the website, directly or indirectly, is the goal of practically every entrepreneur who acts in the digital environment.

I have two news to give you, one good and the other bad. I’ll start with the bad:

There is no magic formula to make money on the internet! There is no definitive guide. It is not easy and often is not fast either. Believing that from one day to another, with two clicks you will increase some digits in your account is the purest ILLUSION.

Of course we are talking about making money honestly and without harming anyone.

Now let’s go to reality and the good news: it is possible to make money from your website and this is simpler than you think.

First of all we need to understand what the function of the site is. A website represents your business in the digital landscape. If you own a physical store, the website should represent the store and provide a near or even better experience than the public has when visiting the store.

Even when your business operates only in the digital environment you need to provide an experience for the user to understand the personality of the brand, know the products and services, know what you do and especially that he is convinced and motivated to do business with you.

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How to make money from my site?

A website can generate income in many ways, directly or indirectly.

Making money from your website directly is when you sell a product through an E-Commerce or a customized service through a quote form. The customer chooses the product, selects the options, pays and receives.

On the other hand, making money from your site indirectly is when you advertise your products and services, sell your idea, but do not sell through the site. That is, the customer sees your product, knows your brand but buys through another channel.

Top techniques to make money from your website directly:

The main way to make money from your website directly is through an E-commerce. It is not enough just to have an online store platform to sell a lot. The first point to consider is the concern with the technical criteria.

A good E-Commerce should be functional, have a shopping cart system, integrated with secure payment system, freight calculator, field for evaluation and comment on the product, inventory manager, promotional banner, a light and responsive platform, among other features to provide a great experience for your consumer.

The second point is the organizational part. Your website may be flawless in functionality, but if there is no organization in the products, division by categories, descriptive well done and quality photos, the consumer will be lost. It’s worth remembering again that your E-Commerce is a physical store replication. Imagine a whole messy shop?

Now comes the difference to make money with your website: strategy and advertising!

functional ecommerce platform
Before you start selling you need to have a sales strategy. In times of constant change, your strategy should be flexible. This does not mean acting desperate, but we have to be open to adjusting our strategy.

You need to understand what your customer is looking for, recognize which are your top products. Products with the best price or exclusive products need to be highlighted on the website. That way you will have a differential.

Advertising is part of the strategy. Search sites, social media, email marketing and partner sites are excellent ways to advertise your products, attract new customers and generate income.

Another difference between an E-Commerce and a physical store is that in the virtual store no one will pass in front of your looks to see your shop window. So you need to advertise your store and its products.

The sale of services through the website is not as palpable as the sale of a product. That’s why you need to be as clear and convincing as possible and enjoy what’s best. In addition, you need to get to know yourself, know your service and know your consumer.

Just like in E-commerce, the sale of services must follow technical standards to present a friendly website.

Techniques to make money with your site indirectly:

Even if you do not sell directly through the site you need to pay special attention to your site.

Your consumer may know your company but will not necessarily buy it now. By presenting a good job, when your consumer has the purchase decision, you will be willing to choose your brand.

There are several ways to feed your audience and assist you until the time of purchase. You can give something to your customer and receive a reward in return in the future, such as a purchase for example. And you do not have to give something physical, you can provide content. It can give learning, it can give a sense of motivation, it can leave your consumer happy, and rest assured, he will remember you.

make money using videos
Working a blog on your website is a good option to generate relevant content. Producing videos is also a good way to entertain and nurture your audience. Email marketing is a way to warn you of this content. Social networks are also great ways to embed your brand and get people to your site.

But all this will not work if you do not have a well-structured website that is aligned with your goals, functional, and follows the brand identity and personality.

Therefore there are numerous ways to make money through your site, directly or indirectly, and will not be overnight. By working the right way, you will achieve your goals.

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