Strategies for Meeting Singles When You Are an Online Entrepreneur

strategies for meeting singles when you are an online entrepreneurIt is a truth not often acknowledged, but online dating has a lot in common with marketing. Your profile functions as a commercial for you, the product, and is meant to entice the viewer to contact you and begin chatting. Where it goes from there depends on your chat skills and in-person charisma. But before you get to that level, it all starts with your personal brand.

You are the Product

As online dating has become a booming industry with many facets, it is now carefully constructed to offer a niche to every potential Romeo or Juliet on the internet. With the skills and interests of those who love geek culture you can write a profile to catch the eye of someone you could have fun gaming with (tabletop or console, your choice).

Get Started

To meet singles with your shared interests is easy. First, sign up on a site such as with lots of users and a great interface. This will help you promote you, aka The Product. Consider your dating profile to be an introduction to you and begin creating it. Remember, when the choices are nearly endless it’s important to make an impression with your profile and picture.

Review Your Assets

Next, decide what you want to show about yourself. Will you focus on career or hobbies? Do you discuss your collections of Star Wars toys and admit you’ve never really grown up? What version of yourself are you presenting in the online marketplace? Double check to be sure you are highlighting good qualities rather than apologizing for what you imagine are shortcomings. You don’t need to worry. Just be yourself. The best version of yourself.

Creating the Brand

As an entrepreneur on the internet, you have the most up-to-date knowledge of tech trends, excellent apps, and more. Yet it isn’t always easy to help others see your appeal. Sometimes geeks and tech types don’t fit the standard package. To counteract this it’s crucial to create a unique personal brand that takes the burden off our shoulders to present “normal” when you are much cooler than the average.

Photo Finish

Equally important is the picture that accompanies (and in some cases, precedes) your profile. Photographs advertise what kind of activities you enjoy. Despite the counterintuitive logic, surveys say that action shots of you surfing or singing, even if your face isn’t visible, garner you more likes and comments than a simple picture of your face. Such pictures help the viewer learn who you are more than just what you look like and if your eyes are brown or blue.

So what have you developed? Are you a cheeky tech whiz ready to mingle? Are you a coffee-sipping online genius with a love of opera? No matter who you are, be ready to meet singles who want to know more. Your personal brand is the key to online dating success!

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