The Ultimate PDF Tool: Top Things That You Must Know About PDFBear’s Features And Tools

The Ultimate PDF Tool: Top Things That You Must Know About PDFBear’s Features And Tools

PDFBear is known to be a highly-accurate online PDF converter tool, but that’s not all. PDFBear has other tools to offer, and you might not know it yet, but these tools are handy. So, here are the tools and features that you must understand about PDFBear.

Rotate PDF

A very straightforward PDF tool, PDF Rotate or Rotate PDF allows you to position your file correctly, such as photos, images, and other types of documents. With this tool, you don’t need to bother yourself with finding a way for you to rotate your PDF. You can turn or position your file at any angle that you like.

This is how you can rotate your PDF using PDFBear’s Rotate PDF tool. First things first, you have to upload your file or drag and drop it to PDFBear’s Rotate PDF page. Once you successfully transfer your PDF, PDFBEar will analyze your file for you to rotate your file freely. Click “Apply” after picking the right angle for your file, and you’re done.

PDFBear also offers multiple download options for your PDF. You can download your file back to your personal computer, transfer it to an external drive, or send it via email. PDFBear wants to provide the best service and convenience to all of its clients and users, which is why they made many download options available.

With PDFBear’s Rotate PDF tool, you don’t need to install software such as Adobe or other software types since you can just access PDFBear using your web browser. This is what you call working smart instead of working hard. PDFBear values their client’s time and effort; that is why they made their tool easy to use and available any time of the day and week.

eSign PDF

Here’s the easiest way to sign your document using PDFBear’s eSign PDF tool. This tool lets you electronically put a signature on any file that you have online. It doesn’t only save you more time; it will also save you some hassle, such as the printing and scanning process, which is just an inconvenience, especially if your time is limited.

You can use the eSign PDF of PDFBear by dragging and dropping it to PDFBear’s eSign PDF page, or you can just upload it directly by simply clicking “ Select File.” Right after uploading it, you manually add your signature using an external device or by only using your mouse. It’s hassle-free, and it saves a lot of time.

Besides manually adding your signature to your PDF, PDFBear also allows you to crop your signature from a particular picture that you took and paste it on your PDF. This feature is unique, which you can only find in PDFBear. Furthermore, this tool is made to run on different servers and devices to increase your productivity and provide convenience.

Security and safety should also be your top priority, especially dealing with crucial information online. With that, PDFBear made a unique system in which it deletes and destroys every little information that you upload to their server. This means that you have at least one hour to download your PDF back before the system deletes it.

Share Document

If you’re looking for the best way to share your PDF document online, then here’s the Share Document tool from PDFBear. Regardless of what file or document format you have, PDFBear’s Share Document will let you share or send your file with ease. It’s fast, reliable, and precise, making it the best PDF sharing tool of today.

The process is easy and straightforward; you just have to select the file you want to share and transfer it to the Share Document tool of PDFBear. Only provide the email of your recipient and type it in on the space provided. You can add some messages, such as notifying your recipient about something or any message you want to say.

This is pretty handy since it can also be used using different devices such as your mobile phone and tablet. In this way, you can send your file whenever you have to. This tool doesn’t come with a price, which means you can take full advantage of it without spending anything.


A cool fact about PDFBear is that it has many PDF tools that you can imagine compared to other PDF sites out there. Besides having the best PDF conversion qualities, it can also accurately share specific, rotate, and even electronically add a signature to your document. Furthermore, if you want your file to be safe, choose PDFBear.

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