Regional Qualifiers for the International 2019

August will be the time when The International 2019 will unfold, uniting Dota 2 players, lovers and bettors through the famous game. It is the 9th annual edition for this tournament, and it will mark the conclusion of the Dota Pro Circuit.

regional qualifiers for the international 2019

After 12 teams have already qualified, it’s time to decide the other teams, respectively regional qualifiers. The invites have been released, and there are a number of teams that have been directly invited, whereas all the remaining slots are left for the Open Qualifiers. They’ve begun on July 3, and fans are eager who will make it, thus who they have a chance to make Dota 2 bets on, on sites such as

  • Europe
    Only two teams have been directly invited through regional qualifiers for Europe, but there’s good news in that. It leaves more spots for open qualifiers.

    The teams who are qualified are Chaos Esports Club and the Final Tribe. The former used to be a South American team. However, some changes have been made and new members have joined. That makes it difficult to predict their competitiveness. The latter comes from Sweden, and they’re known for their good performance.

  • CIS
    The CIS region is the one sending top-tier teams this season. It has the largest number of teams for the regional qualifiers, and it’s sure to have a high performance. One of the teams is Gambit Esports, who are experienced after playing against advanced teams. However, there are other good teams such as Team Spirit, Winstrike Team, Team Empire, and Natus Vincere.
  • Southeast Asia
    Just like Europe, Southeast Asia also has only 2 teams for regional qualifiers. But do you know what the best thing is about that? There are six open positions, meaning more open qualifiers.
  • China
    China has lots of regional leagues, which is why it may be a difficult competition for them. Four teams have qualified from China, such as Team Aster, RNG, Team Sirius, and EHOME. As such, four other positions are for open qualifiers.
  • North America
    Again, this region has 4 qualified teams for the tournament. Forward Gaming is one of them, known to have had a good finish during EPICENTER, respectively the 9-12th place. The other teams are Complexity Gaming, J. Storm, and beastcoast. The latter is pretty new, so it’s exciting to see what they’re made of. 4 other teams will be chosen through open qualifiers.
  • South America
    From South America, there are 4 teams as well. The ones that qualified are Team Ham, Thunder Predator, paiN Gaming, and Team Anvorgesa. This leaves 4 positions for the open qualifiers.

esl asia dota 2
The International 2019 is a great chance for you to bet in Dota 2, so make sure you’ll be checking odds online before and during the games.

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