Top 5 Android Games to Download in 2017

top 5 android games to download in 2017This year is jam-packed with excitement for gaming lovers. Along with console and PC games, online gaming sites like Friv and Juegos Friv are coming up with fun releases to introduce you to the new and the better. Android games are not staying behind as well. New launches and upgrades for this year are here to make your gaming soul come back for more. And for those of you who need to stay connected to games even on the go, here are our five enthralling Android games that they should download on their smartphones right now.

1. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is an award-winning freemium that set a new standard for mobile racing games this year. With its 3d graphics, it’s hard to believe that a racing game with graphic quality as that of console games can be played on our smartphones. If you’re a gear-head, you’ll love this game with real sports cars from iconic auto manufacturers like Ford, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz and 140 others to provide you a hair-raising racing experience. The game also features officially licensed tracks with 39 circuits at 17 real-world locations. Obviously, the premium features of Real Racing 3 can only be unlocked upon payment, but the free ones will suffice your love for racing games.

2. Sky Dancer

Are you one of the famous ‘Temple Run’ fans? Here’s another exhilarating endless running game for you. Sky Dancer embodies a setting of floating boulders, tricky cliffs and flying islands that can get you on the verge of having a heart attack every time you jump. Thrilling, right? You just have to make sure that you land on a platform rather than becoming a splattered mess on the floor. Fight against gravity in this electrifying running game and the rest is the same, try to collect all the goodies that come in your way.

3. Clash Royale

After all the hype that Clash of Clans got, the creators decided to treat the players with another real-time multiplayer game, Clash Royale. Experience the medieval times with a touch of fantasy and defeat your opponents by knocking their kings and queens off their towers to win crowns, trophies and glory in the arena. It is all about mind games! Clash Royale is yet another freemium to make your pockets lighter, but with clever strategies and effective comebacks, you won’t need to spend money to progress in this game.

4. Dominocity

Oh, the sweet satisfaction of knocking over perfectly aligned dominos and see them drop one after another! Well, in this game you get to do it. You need to arrange a minimum number of dominos to reach your goal while collecting golden amulets along the way. Precision of placement isn’t a big deal in Dominocity, but you need to be speedy in order to win the rounds. As the levels progress, the complexity of paths increases and like the famous Tetris, the arcade puzzler continues getting harder. But the good news is, this game requires no internet connection.

5. Steamkraft

Steamkraft will remind you of Flappy Bird with its goal of being suspended in the air and avoiding crashing either to the ground or with other horrific obstacles. Although the game is challenging, it will teleport you to a Vernian world (related to the novels written by Jules Verne) filled with mechanical ravens. The other things to admire about this game are its beautiful steampunk visuals and good quality audio for an added experience. Head skywards with this endless flying game! After all, it’s totally free!

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