What Are the Best Telemedicine Technologies Used In Healthcare?

What are the telemedicine technologies used in healthcare

Nowadays, telemedicine is the way it is and nothing is done traditionally. There are lots of advancements in the working methods of any industry. Different industries try different ways to compete to survive in the market. To be at the top in any industry, you should take the help of technology.

Technology advances your working methods and makes your working methods more effective and efficient. The technology eliminates human errors and gives you accurate results. Let’s take the example of healthcare. We know how people had appointments with doctors before and the difficulties they faced. They had to stand in line for meetings with doctors and take off from work for the whole day. But with the commencement of technology in healthcare, all these problems are resolved. Now, people can get an appointment with doctors within a minute with the help of apps. They also don’t have to go to hospitals for treatment and can get these services at home via telemedicine.

In the blog, we will discuss some telemedicine technologies used in healthcare. Before that, let’s see what telemedicine is and its various services.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a healthcare service where patients enjoy healthcare services at their homes, office or other places where they feel comfortable without going to the hospital with the help of telecommunications. They receive these services remotely. They use a personal computer, smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc. For video conferencing or audio calls to get healthcare services.

Telemedicine eliminates several difficulties which are faced by patients in traditional treatment. Let’s see some benefits of telemedicine.

Benefits of telemedicine

The following are some benefits of telemedicine-

  • They don’t have to wait for hours to meet with doctors. They can get the appointment with a click.
  • It eliminates traveling expenses. People don’t need to go outside for their treatment. They receive these services at their home.
  • You don’t have to take a day off work for your treatment. You can receive it at your office as well.
  • You don’t need to leave your child alone at your home for your treatment.
  • It is very helpful for patients who reside in rural areas where healthcare is miserable.

Let’s discuss some telemedicine healthcare services.

Healthcare services of telemedicine

The following are some healthcare services of telemedicine-

1. Virtual visits

In this service, the main thing you need is the Internet which will help you connect with the doctor via smartphone, laptop, or computer. It is ideal for following conditions like diabetes, coughs, anxiety, skin conditions, COVID-19, migraines, colds, and migraines.

The support team is there for you to help with using the app. They will send you alert messages to know when your appointment is. For any difficulties during virtual visits, you can consult them.

2. Web or phone-based services

Some people may employ phone- or web-based medical consultation or care services. You are led through numerous questions when you contact or connect to a website-based service that provides primary or urgent care. A doctor or nurse practitioner can make drug prescriptions. They could also advise on home care or additional medical attention.

3. Remote monitoring

You will get remote monitoring in telemedicine. Many diseases need regular monitoring. For example-diabetes patients. Through remote monitoring, diabetes patients upload their data related to foods, sugar levels, and medicine on websites to check by doctors. After seeing all these data, doctors will prescribe suitable medicine, exercise, and food. Doctors regularly monitor your health through telemedicine.

4. Personal health records

It is one of the important services of telemedicine. A personal health record can instantly provide emergency personnel with crucial information in a crisis. Personal health records are known as the PHR system. It is a database of health-related data you control and keep up to date. It records all your health-related data digitally. You can see your test reports and data anytime from anywhere with the help of this PHR app. But for this, you only need a smartphone, laptop, or computer.

Let’s come to the blog’s main topic, which is various telemedicine technologies used in healthcare.

Telemedicine technologies used in healthcare

The following are some telemedicine technologies used in healthcare-

1. Mobile Apps

Mobile health applications range from straightforward to complex, tracking and reporting patients’ health information to their healthcare provider. You will get various apps in the market that will provide tips to control and monitor your disease. You can also connect with your doctor to discuss your disease via these mobile apps.

2. On-site Kiosks

A few telehealth companies provide on-site telehealth kiosks that can be installed at a retail clinic, a community center, or a residential building. The majority of these kiosks feature a computer interface, several medical monitoring equipment, and a connection to a healthcare practitioner. Patients have everything they need to contact a doctor once they arrive at the kiosk site because the equipment is all in one spot.

3. Telephone

Many healthcare professionals confer with other experts on patient cases over the phone, talk to pharmacists about pharmaceutical needs, and in some emergencies, even diagnose patients.

4. Online Video Conferencing and Webcams

Telehealth options have substantially increased in scope thanks to online video conferencing. Many people can now have an in-person consultation with a healthcare physician remotely if they can access the internet and a webcam. Software must be secure when a healthcare provider uses telehealth technology to exchange patient health data. Most people have access to this healthcare technology since many laptops and mobile devices now include integrated webcams and microphones.

5. Secure Email

Utilizing secure email allows for the store-and-forward method of telemedicine. Doctors frequently exchange data, pictures, diagnostic testing, and other data to diagnose and treat patients.

6. Internet

Numerous websites, like WebMD and Mayo Clinic, provide details on a variety of medical subjects. You may discover more information on a specific ailment, evaluate your possible risks, look into possible therapies, and more.


In this blog, we have discussed the telemedicine technologies used in healthcare. We have also discussed telemedicine in short, its benefits, and its services. We hope that the blog will be useful for you.

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