How Technology Can Transform Houses and Modernize Them

smart home technologyTechnology can upgrade the house and make the house into a “Smart Home”. Various aspects can be controlled remotely and through the smartphone. This is described below:-

1. The Security of the House

  1. Through locks called “smart locks”, homeowners no longer have to worry about keys and about losing them. These locks can enable homeowners to control entry and exit through different entry codes. The codes can differentiate for instance if the owner(s)forcefully opened the door.
  2. Home-surveillance in real-time is also possible. Owners can see images regardless of location and time.
  3. Technology also overcomes the problem of an empty house, by replicating/simulating the presence of people/normal activity.
  4. Different types of security cameras are also available, which can detect motion and activity. It provides phone or e-mail alerts and accompanying photographs. They have speakers that include listening and speaking options.
  5. Homeowners can also opt for an “emergency button”, which when pressed, automatically triggers an alarm and immediately notifies concerned persons.
  6. In addition, safety can be provided through gas-detection devices and smoke-detection devices. The former is designed to detect gas leaks, immediately shut-off supply, and notify owners. The latter detects smoke and simultaneously and instantly triggers a voice-alarm and notifies owners and if you are wondering whats my mobile home worth? checking the number of smart home features it has might give you an idea.

2. The Temperature of the House

  1. Through a combination of smartphones and satellite-controlled-thermostats, homeowners can control the temperatures of any room. For multiple rooms, this significantly increases convenience, especially when going to bed at night. Homeowners can conveniently increase/decrease temperatures of any room without having to get out of bed.
  2. Through remote control, the speed of fans is varied from anywhere in the house. They are also be switched on and off as per requirement and this does not require physical presence.
  3. Air conditioners can be remotely operated and controlled. It is possible to switch them on and set the correct temperature at a certain time before arriving home. This is especially useful for bedrooms in the summertime when perfect temperatures ensure a good night’s sleep.

3. The Furniture, Furnishings, Appliances, and Lighting in the House

  1. Technology provides multi-functional options including hydraulic beds with storage, sofa-cum beds, extendable tables, and pullout drawers and shelves. These provide additional storage, beds, seating options, extendable seating options (as per requirement), and proper storage even for small spaces.
  2. Homeowners can enjoy a combination of convenience and aesthetic pleasure, through automated blinds and curtains. They complement the existing style of the room and remotes allow them to be opened and closed even from bed. In addition, automated beds, which make the bed themselves, save time and conveniently ensure more time in the morning.
  3. Further, smart refrigerators, coffee machines, and tea makers save time by performing certain functions themselves. The Coffee machines and the tea makers are set to operate at specific times and settings. The Refrigerators have the option of adding notes and can automatically track, notify, list, and order required items when necessary.
  4. Automatic lights are controlled by remote, through which their intensity is varied and they are switched on and off. A certain type gradually increases in intensity to imitate a rising sun and are useful for early mornings and wintertime.

Thus, technology really can transform a house and simultaneously increase comfort, convenience, relaxation, and peace of mind. Such options are available online on numerous sites including Urban Ladder. Through them, all homeowners can avail of the many benefits that technology has to offer.

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