Where to Change Currency so You do not Lose Money

change currency without losing money
When it comes to organizing a trip abroad, it is not only necessary to book the flight, accommodation or plan the route, but also to consider the budget, which includes the exchange of currency. It is important to appreciate that when changing euros for the currency of the country that we are going to visit, it will always be necessary to pay a certain percentage for the management. However, depending on the alternative we choose, this commission will be higher or lower.

To achieve greater savings in this regard is essential to be proactive and not wait to get to the destination to make the foreign currency exchange. In case of doing it in the airport or in some house of change of the country in question, it will be necessary to face a really high percentage. Due to the urgent need to change money at that time, it is quite likely that these sites establish higher commissions than in other circumstances.

What is the best way to make the change of currency?

The most advisable thing is to change the currency in the bank where we have an account and always do it before starting the route. Although this option also has to pay a cost for the benefit of the bank, it will always be lower than in the cases we have mentioned previously. Although exchange rates and commissions are usually pre-established, depending on the relationship you have with the branch, it will be possible to negotiate these aspects to get a more favorable currency exchange.

currency exchange rate global
In the case of choosing this solution, it is important to notify with sufficient time, since banks do not usually have money in other currencies to make the change immediately. We must bear in mind that the more exotic the destination to which we are going to travel, the more time it will take to get the money changed.

However, before requesting the change to the local currency of the place of destination, it is advisable to analyze what is the price of the euro compared to that. On the Internet you can find different pages that offer this information and in this way, we will know in greater detail how much money we will get with the change.

Other tips apart from the currency exchange

To lose the least amount of money possible, it is best to change a small amount and make most of the payments during the trip with a credit or debit card. In this way, the money that we spend will adjust with total probability to the official change of the moment, without needing to assume percentages or commissions. However, even if the establishment establishes a premium, it will always be lower than the one fixed in the currency exchange.

Although this decision is the most practical, it is always advisable to check the conditions of the credit or debit card with the bank to make sure that its use in a foreign country does not imply any extra expense.

On the other hand, it is not convenient to withdraw money at any ATM in the destination, since the commissions are quite high. If it is necessary to obtain a cash amount, it is preferable to go to an exchange office after having made a comparison to find one in which you can obtain a greater benefit.

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