Where to find cheap and trusted SSL certificate providers

Most people know how important having a Secure Sockets Layer certificate is, however with most providers charging an arm and a leg, beginning webmasters with e-commerce sites may not even be able to afford a SSL certificate! Fortunately, there is hope. Despite common providers such as HostGator and GoDaddy charging $70 USD or more for a year’s worth of SSL certificate proof, you can check out some great places below and learn where to find some cheap (and trustworthy) SSL certificate providers!


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Branding Yourself With An Awesome Video Resume


When people talk about Branding, in the bustling marketplace of ideas and products, your brand is your beacon. It’s the narrative that tells the world who you are, what you stand for, and why you matter. Branding is more than just a logo or a catchy tagline; it’s the heart and soul of your business, the emotional connection you forge with your audience, and the lasting impression you leave.

With the advancement of technology and high-speed internet, job seekers are now using paperless video resumes or video CVs. Companies and employers are accepting video resumes and conducting interviews through video conferencing or webcams.


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4 Tips in Creating an Impressive Business Card

4 tips creating good business card
It only takes 10 seconds for a person to remember you as “just another guy” or “you’re THE guy!”. That’s why people often said “First impression is the long LASTING impression”. The fact is that in Reality, people do judge a book by its cover, unless you’re good looking or the rich and famous kinds of person, you only got one chance to make a great impression turning a potential interested client into a paying ones. One of the oldest trick is to present them with a humble piece of paper we called “Business Card”. It is not just an ordinary business card, we have to make it uniquely stand out and more beautifully designed than the other business cards he/she has on their possession.


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